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Monitor Your Domains with PowerAlerts

DMARC Alerts help you monitor your domains with DMARC Email Notifications sent directly to your mailbox!

When we say that we help you take complete control of your domains, we are serious about that! As one of the unique features to protect your data, alerts keep you updated on domain-related events and incidents over your specified email address, so that you can take action at a much speedy pace. From alerts pertaining to any changes made to your domain’s DNS, to notifications on spoofing or phishing attempts, we have got you covered!

What’s even better is that our alerts feature is highly customizable. You can configure alerts to be generated when a metric that is specified by you, exceeds a threshold. So make Alerts a part of your PowerDMARC security suite today!

Secure your entire email channel

Secure your entire email channel

How Does the Alerts Feature Work?

PowerDMARC’s Alerting engine monitors your domain and makes you aware of domain-related incidents in real time. You specify the type of DNS changes and metrics that you want to be tracked and an email alert is sent to your specified address whenever such an alert is triggered. This way you don’t have to repeatedly log in to your portal to gain visibility. You’ll be able to remotely monitor your domains with the help of DMARC Email Notifications directly from your mailbox, taking action against issues more quickly.

PowerAlerts Generates DMARC Alerts Pertaining to 3 Different Categories:

Secure your entire email channel