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Stop your email from being modified during transit with a DKIM record. Our free DKIM Record Generator helps you generate DKIM records in seconds!

DKIM Record Generator

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You must enter this key in your DKIM signer. It must be kept secret, as anyone with access to it can stamp tokens pretending to be you

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The Generated Public Key is using PEM format and can be published directly on the DNS

What is a DKIM record

What is a DKIM record?

A DKIM key generator tool will help you create DKIM record for your domain, but do you know what it is? 

DKIM is an email authentication protocol that makes sure the emails that you send to your recipients do not get altered during transmission. Message alterations can often be a result of email interceptions by man-in-the-middle attackers.

You don’t want attackers to inject malicious code or append malware attachments to your otherwise legitimate emails. DKIM stops that from happening by affixing a unique signature to your message body that is verified on the receiver’s side using a public-private key pair.

How to use a DKIM Record Generator?

DKIM Record Generator

A DKIM record generator is your very own DKIM wizard that helps you instantly create an error-free and accurate TXT record for your domains. To use the free DKIM record generator:


Enter your domain name in the designated box (if your website URL is, your domain name will be without the prefix)


Click on the “Generate DKIM record” button


You will receive a DKIM key pair (private and public keys)


You need to publish on your public key on your domain’s DNS

How do I create a DKIM record for a domain?

  • Generate your record using our tool 
  • Paste only the public key on your DNS 
  • Enter your private key on your DKIM signer. Do not share your private key with anyone as scammers may use it to sign tokens on your behalf

How do I add a DKIM record?

  • Access your DNS management console 
  • Add a new TXT record

Record type: TXT 


TTL: 3600 

Value: [paste the public key value generated by the DKIM generator tool]

DKIM Selector

What is DKIM key selector?

Your selector is appended to the very beginning of your record as a prefix. If you analyze your message header, you will find it in the s= tag that is useful in retrieving the public key from your DNS. 

Learn how to find DKIM selector for your domain.

Can a domain have 2 DKIM records?

Yes. You may generate and publish 2 or more DKIM records for the same domain. This is a recommended practice for enhancing your DKIM protection, so you can rotate your keys periodically by shuffling between the different records created.

Multiple DKIM Records 1

Why do you need a DKIM generator tool?

Using our DKIM wizard will save you the time and effort involved in manually creating your DKIM record that is susceptible to human error. If you are just starting out on your email authentication implementation journey, you can rely on our DKIM record generator to help you kick-start it the right way!

Leave out the guesswork, make sure you configure DKIM correctly for your domain with your very own DKIM generator tool!

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