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SPF Record Checker

PowerDMARC’s SPF record checker ensures that you can implement SPF for your emails with an error-free and valid SPF record. It helps you perform a quick SPF record check within seconds, highlights existing problems that might be hindering your email’s performance. 

If you have SPF implemented for your domain, you should definitely run SPF record checks from time to time with our reliable SPF record checker to stay abreast of any DNS updates. Try it now and test the results yourself!


What does an SPF checker do for you?

An SPF validator or SPF checker is a handy tool that validates your domain’s existing SPF record. It can provide you with the following information:

  • Whether you have an existing SPF record published on your DNS

  • Whether your record has been rendered invalid due to common SPF errors like exceeding the 10 DNS lookup limit, multiple SPF records published for the same domain, or wrong syntax

  • Detailed insight on the various issues pertaining to your SPF record

The SPF checker will instantly alert you regarding these errors so that you can make the necessary modifications to enjoy an error-free SPF.

How to perform an SPF record lookup?

You can leverage our SPF record checker to perform an SPF record lookup for your domain in the following way:

  • Start by entering your domain name in the box provided. (If your domain’s URL is: https://mycompany.com, the subsequent domain name is company.com that will contain no prefix)

  • Click on the “Lookup” button, and you’re done! Our SPF checker is convenient and easy to use for instant SPF record lookups on the go.

Get your SPF record validated in a second with PowerDMARC’s SPF record checker, and shift to an authenticated email experience today!

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