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Our free SPF checker tool is the easiest way to ensure that your SPF records are correct and up-to-date.

SPF Record Checker

Use this tool to lookup and validate your SPF record.
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SPF Status

Record Checks

Valid SPF record
Failure Mode
DNS Lookups below 10 /10
Void Lookups below 2 /2
Error Details

Tags Found

Tag Value Description
v v = spf1 Record version
+ip4 Allow the listed IPv4 addresses
+ip6 Allow the listed IPv6 addresses
+include Check the SPF record of the listed domain for a matching IP address
+a Allow the IP addresses listed in the domain’s A record
+mx Allow the IP addresses of the domain’s MX hosts
+ptr Allow the IP addresses of the domain’s PTR hosts
+exist SPF passes if an A record lookup of the listed domain returns a valid result
+redirected Replace the current SPF record with that of the listed domain
-/~/? Apply a hardfail/softail/neutral result if no other mechanisms match
Any text as spf content
This is any error

What does our SPF checker do?

An SPF validator or SPF checker is a DNS lookup tool that validates your domain’s existing SPF record. 

An SPF lookup performs the following functions:

Checks the existence of your published SPF record


Our SPF checker will evaluate whether you have an existing SPF record published on your DNS

Detects Multiple SPF Lookups


Whether your record has been rendered invalid due to common SPF errors like exceeding the 10 DNS lookup limit, or multiple SPF records published for the same domain

Evaluates SPF Record Validity


Is your SPF record valid? Does it contain errors that may trigger an invalid status? Discover everything with this single tool

Notifies Syntax Errors


Get detailed insight on the various issues pertaining to your SPF record like spelling and formatting errors. Detect nd conquer human errors in seconds

Helps Fix Errors Faster


Finally, our SPF checker will instantly alert you regarding these errors so that you can make the necessary modifications to enjoy error-free SPF

SPF checker

How does SPF record checker work?

An SPF checker validates a domain’s SPF record, which specifies authorized mail servers for sending emails on behalf of the domain. The SPF record checker retrieves the domain’s SPF record, parses its rules, gathers the sender’s IP address, evaluates it against the record, and determines the result as pass, fail, softfail, neutral, or permerror

This helps prevent email spoofing and phishing attacks by ensuring compliance with the SPF policy.

SPF Record Check FAQs

Check our comprehensive database of popular SPF record checker questions we come across often on our support forum.

With PowerDMARC, SPF record checks are completely free of charge no matter how many times you need to check SPF compliances and for how many different domains. However, lookups are performed 1 domain at a time.

Our email authentication experts recommend domain owners to perform SPF checks once every month to ensure that record validity is maintained.

SPF (Sender Policy Framework) is an email authentication protocol that allows domain owners to specify which mail servers are authorized to send emails on behalf of their domain. Read more.

You need SPF to enhance email security and prevent email spoofing as it allows receiving mail servers to check whether the incoming email is sent from an authorized source.

Along with SPF, it is important to set up DMARC and DKIM for well-rounded protection against cyber attacks and reduce your DNS lookups with an SPF flattening tool.

spf checkerGet your SPF record validated in seconds with PowerDMARC’s SPF record checker today!