Automatic SPF Flattening with PowerSPF

Your Automatic Hassle-free SPF Flattening tool

A One-Click Automatic SPF flattening tool for your Sender Policy Framework Record. Instantly flatten SPF records for multiple domains and accounts, and stay updated on uninformed changes to authorized IPs. Too many DNS lookups? Not anymore! We make sure you don’t exceed the 10 DNS lookup limit.

What is SPF Flattening?

SPF flattening is the process of converting an SPF record into a format that contains fewer than 10 DNS lookups. It works by replacing all the domains in the SPF record with their IP addresses, which eliminates the need for multiple DNS lookups. It can be useful for troubleshooting, and compressing SPF records.

Why is Flattening SPF Records Important?

Flattening SPF helps domain owners restrict the number of DNS lookups to stay below the RFC-specified limit of 10. This ensures proper functioning of SPF authentication system, and prevents unwanted errors. 

SPF flattening

SPF breaks if the limit is exceeded

Your SPF record instructs email receivers to perform DNS lookups for every included record. When the number of lookups exceeds the limit of 10, SPF breaks for your email. This may result in false negatives, email deliverability issues and return an error result. 

Read RFC specification

automatic SPF flattening

Your Email Service Providers add more lookups

Each vendor brings in their own set of complications by adding more records to your SPF, leading to more lookups! When you are using multiple vendors there is no way around this.

SPF flattening service

SPF issues are more common than you think

9 out of 10 domain owners face email deliverability issues because of the 10 DNS lookup limit for SPF, and they have no clue about what is going wrong! 

SPF flattening tool

SPF Flattening resolves SPF problems

A tried and tested method – SPF record flattening is a hassle-free solution to mitigate this error that shows instant results and works even for organizations using multiple email vendors. 

Troubled with deliverability issues? Check your record now using our free SPF record checker tool!

How does SPF flattening work?

  • Replacing SPF records with IP addresses 

During the SPF flattening process, SPF records are replaced with their subsequent IP addresses that reduce the number of lookups during checks.

  • Removal of SPF mechanisms

“a”, “mx”, and “include” mechanisms are removed as a part of the SPF compression process to decrease redundancy and lookups even further. 

  • Simplifying SPF record 

When you flatten SPF record, the record is overall much more simplified and straightforward, reducing errors and helping streamline the authentication process.

SPF Flattening Service

SPF flattening Example

During flattening the original SPF record’s include mechanisms are replaced by IP addresses to reduce the frequency of DNS lookups.

Original record: IN TXT “v=spf1 ~all”

Number of DNS lookups: 4

Manually Flattened SPF record: IN TXT “v=spf1 ip4: ip4: ip4:
ip4: ip4: ip6:2001:0db8:85a3:0000:0000:8a2e:0370:7334 ip6:2001:0db8:1c0d:0000:0000:0e3f:0a33:9a72 ~all”

Number of DNS lookups: 0

spf flattening

Why Manual SPF Record Flattening is Not a Solution

Problem 1: Manual SPF flattening isn’t a one-time deal

If your email service provider changes their infrastructure, you’re going to have to change your SPF records accordingly. Every single time.

Problem 2: You may exceed the 255-character limit

While manually flattening SPF will reduce the number of DNS lookups significantly, your record will be lengthy and may exceed the character limit – leading to error.

Deploy an Auto SPF Flattening Solution

On implementing an automatic SPF flattening tool, you will experience the following benefits: 

  • Record shortened to a single include 
  • Staying under the 10 DNS lookup limit at all times 
  • Fixed SPF Permerror 
  • Record length limit consistently maintained 
  • Staying on top of any IP address updates
flatten SPF

Resolve SPF Errors with One Click Automatic PowerSPF

Key Features

  • Add or remove vendors with ease

    When you update your list of IPs, just optimize it with PowerSPF

  • Stay under the Lookup limit with ease

    Authorize as many senders as you like without hitting the 10 DNS lookup limit

  • Get an optimized record in one click

    Simply copy and paste your old record, then click ‘Generate’

  • Permanently defeat ‘permerror’

    SPF Permerror’ stops being a problem if you never go over the limit

  • Error-free SPF

    Stop worrying about any SPF record errors, limits or configuration issues. With PowerSPF all of that is taken care of

  • Ensure email deliverability

    Do not worry about email failure or loss. Ensure 100% email deliverability with PowerSPF. 

Are you a domain owner looking to get started with our Dynamic SPF flattening Tool? Give it a whirl for free today!

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