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Free TLS-RPT Record Checker

Check your TLS-RPT record configuration and validate your record using our free TLS-RPT Record Checker. Our TLS-RPT record checker shows instant and accurate results, making you immediately aware of any errors in your TLS-RPT record!

What is a TLS-RPT check tool?

TLS reports (published in RFC 8460) provide valuable information on your email’s deliverability.

The TLS-RPT record checker is a tool to check the status of the TLS-RPT records on your domain. It also allows you to look up and retrieve information about those records. A TLS-RPT lookup and check tool helps you check TLS-RPT records instantly! 

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What is a TLS RPT check tool
tls rpt record checker

How to use a TLS-RPT record checker tool?

The process is simple: enter your domain name, click “Lookup”, and you’ll get an overview of all of the available records for that domain name. A TLS-RPT check would include:

  • Validity status of your TLS-RPT record

  • Accessibility of your policy file

  • Overview of your record and how to enable it easily (in case it already isn’t)

Given below are examples of TLS-RPT record lookups for your reference with the PowerDMARC TLS-RPT record checker! 

Here’s a result of a TLS-RPT lookup on a domain with no record enabled:


Here’s a result of a TLS-RPT lookup on a domain with a record enabled: