Hosted DKIM

DKIM selector management is now at your fingertips served over an easy-to-use dashboard!

What is Hosted DKIM?

The PowerDMARC hosted DKIM makes DKIM selector management a no-brainer for your emails. This smart solution allows you to make changes to your selectors, handle multiple selectors and leverage your DKIM authentication solution without having to access your DNS several times a day to do the same.

The interface is easy to use, and onboarding takes only a few minutes! You also do not need to worry about your DNS provider key length limitation, PowerDMARC Hosted DKIM supports 1024, 2048, and 4096 key lengths for your DKIM implementation.


Why Hosted DKIM

Why Hosted DKIM?

Hosted DKIM services can help you enhance the security and authenticity of emails. The main purpose of DKIM (read under RFC 6376) is to help prevent email spoofing, a common tactic used by attackers to impersonate someone else by sending emails from a forged email address.

By using a hosted DKIM service, email senders can associate a digital signature with their messages that verifies that the email was indeed sent from the claimed sender and wasn’t altered during transit.

It provides a simple and effective way to implement and manage DKIM for a domain, without having to deal with the technical complexities involved.

Key features of PowerDMARC Hosted DKIM Services

  • User-friendly Dashboard

    A user-friendly and intuitive interface helps you manage DKIM selectors directly from your dashboard without having to make DNS-level changes

  • Customer security

    The security of our customers is of the highest importance to us, hence we allow you to configure multi factor authentication for logging in, along with DNS-level security with DNSSEC.

  • Round-the-clock Visibility and Monitoring Facilities

    Our Hosted DKIM service provides round-the-clock visibility and monitoring facilities to ensure the authenticity and security of emails. The hosted DKIM service acts as an intermediary, adding a DKIM signature to outgoing emails and checking the signature on incoming emails, continuously monitoring the email traffic to detect discrepancies in real time.

  • Support for multiple DNS record resource types

    Third parties on the web can generate DKIM records in both CNAME and TXT resource types. As a DKIM hosting provider, we extend support to both these resource types so you can choose how you want to configure the protocol in your DNS.

  • Load Balancing

    We use the AWS network load balancer to automatically distribute incoming traffic across healthy targets, making it highly scalable in balancing out heavy workloads.

  • Enhanced Security with AWS NACL

    An additional layer of security is provided through AWS network access control and identity and access management, along with global hosting served over secured AWS servers.

Overcome DKIM errors

Overcome DKIM errors and limitations

Implementing DKIM can be a hassle, especially if you operate multiple domains and multiple DKIM selectors per domain for enhanced security. Human error also plays a big role in invalidating your protocol implementation efforts. Restrictions on DKIM selector key length are also limitations domain owners face often.

  • The validity of your DKIM keys are verified automatically

  • Easily rotate your DKIM keys periodically

  • No need to access your DNS to make DNS-level changes to your DKIM record

  • DKIM key length is scalable for up to 4096-bits

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