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Secure your brand awareness in just one simple step. Use our free tool to generate BIMI records which you can publish on your DNS. Creating your BIMI logo record helps users visually identify your brand in their inbox. Generate your Free BIMI DNS Record now!

BIMI Record Generator

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How do I make sure my logo is displayed in supported inboxes? Check out our BIMI Implementation Guide

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What is a BIMI Record Generator?

A BIMI record generator tool helps you automate the process of generating your records for protocol. Use our BIMI generator to instantly create an error-free DNS record that you can confidently publish into your DNS.

Why do you need a BIMI Generator?

Manually creating records can leave room for errors. Our BIMI generator makes the process of protocol configuration easy and speedy. On the BIMI generator tool, simply add your domain name, fill in the URL for your logo image, and hit the “Generate BIMI Record” button, and you’re done!

BIMI record generator

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BIMI Record GeneratorFree BIMI Record Generator