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Redefining Hosted SPF Record Management & Optimization

The PowerSPF feature is a Hosted Sender Policy Framework management and optimization service within the PowerDMARC platform that ensures your deployed SPF setup is error-free, and functions seamlessly at all times! With our SPF Hosting Services, you have the confidence and peace of mind that your SPF authentication will not impact your emails’ deliverability.

Fix Your SPF with Hosted SPF

Fix Your SPF with Hosted SPF

  • Resolve temporary and permanent errors (SPF permerror) that harm your mail delivery

  • Do not exceed the permitted DNS lookup limit of 10

  • Do not exceed the permitted character length limit of 512 byte

  • Eliminate SPF errors like Null lookup, void errors, etc.

SPF Macros

When using SPF macros with PowerSPF, you get the best of both worlds! Permanently get rid of lookup limitation errors and stay within the character limit all at the same time with Macros in Hosted SPF! 

Why choose Macros over the typical flattening approach?

  • PowerSPF helps your SPF DNS lookups stay below the maximum permitted limit

  • Your record always honors the character limit size of 512

  • Effectively mitigate both permerror and temperror

  • Resolves possible issues with your SPF mechanism such as null, void lookups and other errors

  • Your authorized IP addresses and sending sources stay hidden from threat actors

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