BIMI SVG Logo Converter Tool

Our Free BIMI SVG Logo Converter can be used to convert BIMI SVG logos into SVG Tiny 1.2, which is the suitable (and mandatory) image resolution for enabling BIMI compliance.

BIMI SVG Logo Converter Tool

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What is a BIMI SVG Logo?

A BIMI SVG Logo is your unique brand logo which is the face of your brand. This is the logo that you would like displayed in the inboxes of your email receivers instead of an arbitrary auto-generated logo added by your mailbox providers.

The BIMI SVG logo is the first step towards ensuring that your customers can instantly visually recognize you when you send an email to them before they even get around to opening it!

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Why do you need to convert BIMI SVG Logos?

You need a BIMI logo converter tool to convert your BIMI SVG logos into a BIMI-friendly SVG format. Note that currently BIMI specs only allow SVG Tiny 1.2 as the supported format for uploading logos in your BIMI record.

An unsupported BIMI logo format will result in your logo not being displayed in your email receivers’ inboxes.

Some Important Prerequisites before you start converting BIMI SVG logos:

  • To implement BIMI, your domain must be DMARC compliant

How to use the BIMI SVG Logo Converter?