Important Alert: Google and Yahoo will require DMARC starting from April 2024.
DMARC Record Checker

Free BIMI Record Lookup Tool

Secure your brand awareness in just one simple step. Use our free BIMI record lookup tool to check and validate your BIMI records which you can publish on your DNS. When users see your email in their inbox, they’ll also see your brand’s logo next to it. Now users will have complete confidence when clicking on your email. Easy BIMI lookup using BIMI record validator.

What is a BIMI Record Checker?

A BIMI record lookup tool helps you verify that your published record doesn’t contain any errors that can potentially invalidate it. The BIMI record lookup tool helps confirm that your configured protocol is functioning correctly and alerts you regarding configuration errors.

How to Use a BIMI Record Checker?

Using our tool is super simple and easy! On the BIMI record validator tool, just enter your domain name without any prefixes and hit the “Lookup” button to get started.