SPF Record Generator

Use our free SPF Record Generator tool to secure your domain. By listing all the sending sources authorized to send email from your domain, you can block email spoofing attempts from outsiders. Generate your unique SPF record, publish it on your DNS, and you’re all set!

Why Should I Use SPF Record Generator Tool?

Configuring SPF for your domain with the instant SPF record generator helps receiving MTAs check which IP addresses are allowed to send emails on your behalf. This ensures that unauthorized sending sources cannot send emails posing to be you.

PowerDMARC’s free SPF record generator allows you to: 

  • Instantly create an SPF record for your domain

  • Generate a valid and error-free SPF record

  • Directly copy the created SPF record by clicking on the copy button

  • Configure SPF authentication for your domain by publishing the SPF record in your DNS

spf record publish to dns

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Steps to Publish the Generated SPF Record in Your DNS 

  • Log in to your DNS management console

  • Navigate to your desired domain

  • Specify your resource type: TXT

  • Specify your hostname: _spf

  • Paste the value of your generated SPF record

  • Save changes to configure SPF for your domain

spf record generatorLookup and Validate Your SPF Record

Use our free online SPF lookup tool to find errors in your SPF record and correct them to enjoy error-free SPF authentication