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Write for Us!

It’s our ambition to spread awareness about cyber threats through impactful content! Want to help us by writing for us? Join our network of independent writers today by contributing your first article!

Benefits of Writing for PowerDMARC

1. Gain Immense Exposure 

Thousands of internet users visit our blogs every single month, with a rapidly growing traffic rate year after year. Rest assured that your article will reach the right audience, at the right time!

2. Get Social Media Shoutouts 

If we like your article, we will share it on our social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), driving additional traffic and exposure to your website!

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What We’re Looking For

  • Passionate writers who write with care, have an eye for detail, are thorough and well-researched, and bring value to our readers

  • 100% original and unique content

  • Grammatically correct and error-free

  • The inclusion of images, charts, graphs, and real-life examples that can back up your content

  • 100% human-written articles

  • Writers who religiously follow content writing best practices and our guidelines

Topics We Accept

While sending us your article for consideration, it is important to keep in mind that we only accept topics that are relevant to our niche. Acceptable topics include anything related to:

  • Cybersecurity

  • Domain Security

  • Email Authentication

  • Email Security

  • Email Marketing

  • Email Email Deliverability

Or, do your own research! We highly recommend visiting our blog to get a better understanding of the topics that we cover on our website.

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Qualities That Make a Great Article

There are some basic differences between a “good” article and a “great” article, so take notes!

  • Build up your expertise around the subject

  • Consider our target audience and provide useful information and advice that will make a difference in their lives

  • Visual elements work like a cherry on top of the cake! There should be at least 1 image per 300 words of content that is relevant to the topic (no stock images) and explains the subject beautifully

  • Use a conversational tone that is light-hearted, friendly, easy to understand and relate to

  • Finally, write content that you’ll be proud of!

How To Submit Your First Article

It’s that simple! On submission, our editorial team will proofread your article, making sure all is good. We will reach out to you once the article is approved, or in case minor corrections are needed. Your article will be published within 48 hours of approval!

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