Important Alert: Google and Yahoo will require DMARC starting from April 2024.

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MTA-STS Record Checker and Validator

Check your MTA-STS record policy and validate your record using our free MTA-STS Record Checker. Our MTA-STS record checker provides immediate results, telling you about errors in your record and the validity of your policy file within seconds!

What is an MTA STS record checker tool

What is an MTA-STS record checker tool?

To perform an MTA-STS check, enter your domain name, click “Lookup”, and you’ll get an overview of all of the available MTA-STS records for that domain name. An MTA-STS record lookup would include:

  • Validity status of your MTA-STS record

  • Accessibility of your MTA-STS policy file

  • Overview of your record and how to enable it easily (in case it already isn’t)

How can you use our MTA-STS record checker tool?

MTA-STS (published under RFC 8461) is an authentication protocol that makes sure emails are encrypted in transit.

The MTA-STS Record Checker tool is a verification service that allows you to check the validity of your MTA-STS record. The MTA-STS Checker tool is designed for companies that have been issued an MTA-STS record and would like to verify whether their record is active or inactive by performing an instant and accurate MTA-STS check on their domain. 

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MTA STS Record

Here’s a result of an MTA-STS check on a domain with no record enabled:


Here’s a result of an MTA-STS record lookup on a domain with a record enabled:

MTA STS Record Checke