Important Alert: Google and Yahoo will require DMARC starting from April 2024.

DMARC Checker Tool

Use our tool for DMARC lookup and record validation

Use our free DMARC checker tool to analyze your record and conduct a quick DMARC record check. Get 100% accurate results about your DNS record’s validity and settings within seconds, and increase the deliverability of your legitimate emails.

DMARC Record Checker

Use this tool to lookup and validate your DMARC record.
Please enter a valid domain name, without http:// prefix

DMARC Status

This record has been correctly setup
This DMARC record is invalid

Record Checks

Valid DMARC record
DMARC policy
Aggregate Report (RUA) addresses
Forensic Report (RUF) addresses
Error Details

Tags Found

Tag Value Description
v DMARC Version
p DMARC policy
pct Percentage of emails to which the DMARC policy will be applied
rua Aggregate (RUA) reports URI(s)
ruf Aggregate (RUF) report URI(s)
fo The FO tag pertains to how forensic reports are created and presented to DMARC users.
aspf SPF alignment mode
adkim DKIM alignment mode
rf Format of failure reports
ri The ri tag corresponds to the aggregate reporting interval and provides DMARC feedback for the outlined criteria.
sp This tag represents the requested handling policy for subdomains.

Lookup and Validate your DMARC Record

Our DMARC checker online helps domain owners conduct a quick DMARC lookup to fish for possible errors in their DMARC record. More than just a DMARC validator, it is a DMARC diagnostic tool that gives you an in-depth analysis of your record. A DMARC check is essential to ensure that you have not erred while manually configuring your record. The DMARC lookup also confirms that your record is valid and fully functional.

What’s even better? Our DMARC record checker is completely free to use an unlimited number of times, no sign-ups or payment is required!


How to Use DMARC Checker?

To use our DMARC record lookup tool and conduct a quick DMARC lookup:

dmarc tool
  • Sign up for free on PowerDMARC and select DMARC record checker from Analysis Tools > PowerToolbox. Alternatively, you can visit our DMARC validator tool page for a free DMARC check

  • Simply enter your domain name (e.g in the DMARC check tool, and hit the “DMARC Lookup” button

  • Our DMARC tool will automatically initiate your DMARC check process, fetching results for DMARC validation and verifying your DMARC policy, RUA and RUF domain addresses, DMARC record syntax, and DNS settings.

Conduct a DMARC check from time to time with our DMARC inspector tool, especially after making modifications to your DNS records to ensure everything is working as it should.

Validate and Check DMARC Information In 1 Second

Our DMARC record checker tool is instant and accurate! The DMARC tool instantly becomes aware of whether or not DMARC is enabled for your sender domain and conveys the same on screen. You can check the status of your record in DNS by searching for a small green section under “DMARC status”:

You can also find the validity status under additional information about your record: