Why stop at passive email protection when you can gear up with active anti-spoofing DMARC technology service provider?

DMARC Data, Simplified

DMARC aggregate reports are generated in an XML file format. To the untrained eye, this may as well be a foreign language. Our platform converts these complex XML files into information you can understand. PowerDMARC is able to distill key data points into graphs, charts and numbers that make sense even to someone unfamiliar with it. An Easy DMARC data processing and analysis service.

DMARC Reporting
all in one features

All the Information At Your Fingertips

We offer every metric you could possibly ask for, displayed in handy colour-coded graphs and charts. Here’s just some of the information you have at your disposal:


An overview of your entire domain on a single pane of glass. Get total visibility on everything happening in your domain, and dive deep into the smaller details with our interactive charts and widgets.

DMARC Dashboard
  • DMARC Compliance

    The percentage of emails sent from your domain that align with DMARC

  • SPF & DKIM alignment

    Percentage of emails that align with SPF and DKIM respectively

  • PowerDMARC Top 5 Threats

    5 IP addresses that pose the biggest potential threats to your domain

  • Outbound Email Overview

    View the proportion of your emails that are passing DMARC

Aggregate Reports

WIth PowerDMARC, DMARC aggregate reports have never been better. We provide more than 8 different views with low level information that help you analyze your results and easily move to p=reject.

This incredible level of detail makes it possible to zero in on authentication problems that would otherwise be difficult to detect and systematically resolve them. Eliminate the guesswork, focus on real solutions.

Per Sending Source

Every IP sending emails through your domain 

DMARC Per Sending Source
Reports and Alerts

Per Result

Every email that generates a DMARC report

Per Organization

DMARC compliance of each organization you have registered with us

Two-factor Authentication
Managed Services

Per Host

Every IP host being used by all your sending sources 

Detailed Stats

Every country that your emails are going out of

DMARC Detailed Stat
Fantastic support!

Geo Location Report

Compare different points of data, identify problems faster

Per Country

Total visibility of the locations of all your sending sources

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Threat Map

We use some of the most sophisticated and advanced tools in the industry to help us serve you better. Our AI-driven Threat Intelligence (TI) engine helps you identify malicious sources trying to impersonate your brand. This lets us keep a watchful eye over your domain to see who has access to it around the world, their IP information and host name, as well as any record of domain abuse. If they’re using your domain, you can be sure we know who and where they are, as well as how to shut them down if they try a spoofing attack.

Spoofing Threatmap
threat intel powerdmarc

Threat Intelligence

Our AI-driven Threat Intelligence (TI) engine actively roots out suspicious IP addresses, checking them against a live, updated blacklist of known abusers so you can have them taken down.

powerdmarc pdf reports
  • PDF Reports

With PowerDMARC, you can convert your reports into convenient PDF documents that can be shared with your whole team. Have them scheduled to be sent to your email regularly or simply generate them on demand.


SPF records have a limit of 10 DNS lookups. If your organization has a wide base of operations or you rely on third-party vendors to send email on your behalf, your SPF record could exceed the limit. This invalidates your SPF implementation, and your email can fail to authenticate. 

With PowerSPF, you can instantly optimize your SPF record with the click of a button. You’ll never have to think about that lookup limit ever again.

powerdmarc powerspf


The PowerDMARC API (Application Programmable Interface) gives you complete control over your email authentication strategy. It is a secure, reliable way to ensure that your emails are received, read, and trusted by recipients. You enjoy: 

  • Automated configuration of email authentication protocols at the fastest market speed

  • Seamless integration with your favorite third-party applications

  • No need to modify your existing infrastructure or systems

  • Expert assistance at every step, with no technical knowledge required

Learn more about our DMARC API.

powerdmarc forensics


PowerDMARC lets you receive real-time forensic reports which are generated every time an email sent from your domain fails DMARC. Get detailed information about individual emails that failed authentication to detect spoofing attempts, where you’re having delivery problems, and fix issues fast.


DMARC Forensic reports contain data about every individual email that failed DMARC. This means they might potentially include confidential information that was present in those emails. We value your privacy more than anything else, which is why PowerDMARC lets you encrypt your forensic reports so only authorized users have access to it.

powerdmarc encryption

  • Setup Wizard

The PowerDMARC setup wizard is built with simplicity and ease of use in mind. We take you step-by-step through the process of entering your domain name to setting your DMARC policy to generating your own DMARC record. The sleek UI and interactive design make for a fast and frictionless setup while ensuring you understand all your settings. 

powerdmarc wizard

What Sets Us Apart

  • Power Toolbox

    Suite of free micro-apps to generate DNS records

  • Configurability

    Customize your settings specifically to your needs

  • Subdomain Auto-Detection

    All your subdomains are automatically added during setup

  • 2-Factor Authentication

    Absolute security for your PowerDMARC platform

  • Real-Time Alerts

    Instant notifications about suspicious activity

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