DMARC Reseller Partner Program

Take Your Security Services Beyond with PowerDMARC

With PowerDMARC you can now become a value-added DMARC reseller, to take your email security services to the next level. PowerDMARC’s anti-spoofing platform goes even further with massive benefits to brand awareness, domain reputation, and email deliverability. Our suite of tools and services offers much more than standard DMARC deployment.

When you sign up for our DMARC reseller program, you have all of our advanced email security solutions at your disposal, with minimum commitment from you! 

The Benefits of Becoming a DMARC Reseller

  • Co-branded Marketing Material

    As our DMARC reseller, you get access to our full catalog of marketing tools and material, customized to feature your brand.

  • Enablement Program

    DMARC reseller partners also get a specialized training program to familiarize them with our products and services.

  • Deal Registration

    We have a deal registration system where resellers can actively register their opportunities.

  • Outstanding Margins

    PowerDMARC’s partnership margins are some of the best in the industry.

  • 15-Day Free Trial

    All our customers get a no-strings-attached 15-day free trial.

Resell DMARC and Secure your Entire Email Channel

PowerDMARC provides dedicated services for DMARC, MTA-STS, BIMI and more. DMARC resellers who have enrolled in our program can access a full catalog of features that include but is not limited to:

  • Increasing brand awareness and promotion
  • Improving your domain’s reputation with email providers
  • Email deliverability boost
  • Instant IP abuse alerts and reporting 
  • Access to comprehensive threat intelligence information facilitated by our technology partnerships
  • Scheduled and ondemand PDF reporting so that you can share your data with anyone at anytime
  • Free trial for your clients
  • Resell DMARC visibility services without any commitment
Secure your entire email channel

Frequently Asked Partner Questions

Contact us on [email protected] and specify that you are interested in our reseller program. You should then get an email with more information on our partner program.

Reseller partners receive discounts based on volume of business. Detailed pricing will be sent to you after the sign up process is completed.

  • For the reseller program there are no minimum commitments.
  • For the whitelabel program, we charge one time on-boarding fees with monthly commitments.