DMARC Record Generator

Our free DMARC Generator tool creates a record you can publish on your DNS. No matter what the size of your company is, DMARC is a universally beneficial protocol helping organizations protect their domains against attacks and improve deliverability. Generate DMARC record now!

DMARC Record Generator

Generate DMARC DNS Record

Please publish the following DNS TXT Record on the subdomain

Record Type : TXT
Host : _dmarc
Click here for more information about how to publish a DMARC record.

What is a DMARC Generator?

Our DMARC generator simplifies the process of creating your very own DMARC DNS record by automatically generating it for you, without you having to manually create it. Our DMARC generator tool is super easy to use and produces an error-free and valid DMARC DNS record for your domain. Generate DMARC record in a few easy steps like shown below:

  • Set a policy for your domains and subdomains
  • Choose your protocol alignment modes 
  • Start receiving daily aggregate reports to your email address
  • Hit the generate DMARC record button

To generate DMARC records instantly, make our DMARC record generator your new best friend!

I Got My DMARC Record Generated. What Next?

Your next steps are as below:

  • Access your DNS as the administrator
  • Find your domain 
  • Copy and paste the DMARC TXT record created using our DMARC record generator into the section allotted for publishing DNS records to configure the protocol
  • Validate your DMARC record and test its functionalities from time to time

Stop domain abuse once and for all with your very own DMARC record generator!