Important Alert: Google and Yahoo will require DMARC starting from Feb 2024.

AI-Driven DMARC Threat Intelligence. For Details Too Small for the Human Eye

Beyond a point, it becomes impractical to monitor every single IP address that poses a spoofing threat to your domain. Not only do you need to know when a new malicious source pops up, but you need to be alerted when an attack is going on.

PowerDMARC’s proprietary DMARC Threat Intelligence (TI) engine is your personal sentry on 24/7 guard duty. Our AI-based threat detection service uses specialized algorithms to rapidly identify the global blacklists on which each IP is located and the sending hostname’s email reputation. All operating at a level of detail a human could never match.

AI-Driven Threat Intelligence

How the DMARC Threat Intelligence Engine Takes Down Domain Spoofers

  • Our systems find IP addresses that attempt to spoof your domain.
  • Blacklisting Monitoring: Find out where the IP address or hostname is blacklisted 
  • You get total visibility on the attacker, including their web host and history of domain abuse.
  • As soon as they attempt domain spoofing, you get an alert in real time and see which IP address was responsible.
  • With Power Take Down, you can report the IP and we’ll have IP shut down in no time.
How the TI Engine Takes Down Domain Spoofers
Key Partnerships

Key Partnerships

To give you the most robust DMARC threat intelligence solution possible, PowerDMARC has taken the help of best-in-class industry standard tools and technologies.

  • Cisco Threat Grid
    Automated cloud-based security intelligence, analytics and correlation
  • Fortinet Threat Exchange Partnership
    Exchange of critical security and threat intelligence data for comprehensive insight