Hosted DMARC

Make DMARC implementations a no-brainer by using hosted DMARC services today!

What is Hosted DMARC?

Domain owners often make the mistake of manually implementing DMARC at enforced policies and end up facing email deliverability issues and unwanted authentication failures. 

Hosted DMARC services help you configure and monitor your DMARC solution easily on a cloud platform. This allows you to be in complete control of your DMARC compliances, while not having to know the ins and outs of technical details.

Hosted DMARC 1

How does the PowerDMARC Hosted DMARC work?

1. To access hosted DMARC services, you need to create an account on the PowerDMARC platform and sign in. It takes only a few minutes and your first 15 days is a free trial!

Sign in PowerDMARC

2. Once securely logged in, start by registering your domain/domains on the platform. These should be domains you want to implement DMARC for.

Setup WizardPowerDMARC

Benefits of Hosted DMARC

With hosted DMARC, you can: