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Choosing the best DMARC software for your online business can be a challenging task. To be recognized as the best DMARC solution in the market, it needs to be a robust and reliable framework for your organization, providing you a high ROI with noticeable improvements in your security infrastructure.

Understanding what DMARC is

Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance is the most widely acclaimed email authentication protocol in recent times, that can help small businesses, as well as multinational enterprises, mitigate impersonation, email spoofing attacks, and BEC. DMARC makes use of two of the standard existent protocols in the arena of email authentication, namely SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail). DMARC solutions can help in validating every inbound and outbound email for authenticity and mitigate email-based attacks and security breaches.

When selecting the best DMARC software solution for your business, you need to look for a few basic features that the solution must include!

What to look for while choosing the best DMARC solution for your business?

1. A User-Friendly Dashboard

A user-friendly dashboard offering you complete visibility into your email ecosystem and effectively displaying reports on emails passing and failing DMARC authentication from your domain in a readable and comprehensible format is imperative. This is one of the key points that you must look out for when choosing the best DMARC software solution for your company.

2. Detailed Aggregate and Forensic Reporting

It is indispensable that your DMARC solution has an extensive reporting mechanism. Aggregate and Forensic reports are both imperative to monitor threats and configure authentication protocols.

Detailed DMARC aggregate reports are generated in an XML file format. To a non-technical person, these records may appear indecipherable. The best DMARC software solution for your organization will covert these incomprehensible aggregate reports from complex XML files into information you can easily understand that allows you to analyze your results and do the needful changes.

For SMEs as well as MNCs, Forensic reports provide valuable insight into your email ecosystem, which are generated every time an email sent from your domain fails DMARC. They dispense detailed information about individual emails that failed authentication to detect spoofing attempts and fix issues in email delivery at a speedy pace.

3. DMARC Forensic Reports Encryption

DMARC Forensic reports contain data about every individual email that failed DMARC. This implies that they might potentially include confidential information that was present in those emails. This is why when selecting the best DMARC software solution for your business, you should choose a service provider that values your privacy, and lets you encrypt your forensic reports so that only authorized users have access to them.

4. SPF and DKIM Alignment

Although DMARC compliance can be achieved by SPF or DKIM alignment, it is preferable to align your emails against both authentication standards. Unless your emails are aligned and authenticated against both SPF and DKIM authentication protocols and rely on only SPF for validation, there is a chance that legitimate emails may still fail DMARC authentication (like in the case of forwarded messages). This is because the IP address of the intermediary server may not be included in the SPF record of your domain, thereby failing SPF.

However, unless the mail body gets altered during forwarding, the DKIM signature is retained by the email, which can be used to validate its authenticity. The best DMARC software solution for your business will make sure that all your inbound and outbound messages are aligned against both SPF and DKIM.

5. Staying under the 10 DNS Lookup Limit

SPF records have a limit of 10 DNS lookups. If your organization has a wide base of operations or you rely on third-party vendors to send emails on your behalf, your SPF record could easily exceed the limit and return permerror. This invalidates your SPF implementation and makes your emails inevitably fail SPF. This is why you should search for a solution that helps you instantly optimize your SPF record to always stay under the 10 DNS lookup limit to mitigate SPF error!

6. An Interactive and Efficient Setup Wizard

when choosing the best DMARC software solution for your organization, one should not forget the setup process. An interactive and efficient setup wizard that is designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, taking you through the process of entering your domain name to setting your DMARC policy to generating your own DMARC record in a synchronized and methodical way, is the need of the hour! It will help you get settled down seamlessly, and understand all the settings and functionalities on your dashboard within the least possible time.

7. Scheduling Executive PDF Reports

With an effective DMARC solution for your organization, you can convert your DMARC reports into convenient PDF easily readable documents that can be shared with your whole team. Depending on your needs, you can have them scheduled to be sent to your email regularly or simply generate them on demand.


8. Hosted BIMI Record

Brand Indicators for Message Identification or BIMI, allows your email recipients to visually identify your unique brand logo in their inboxes, and rest assured that the email is from an authentic source. An efficient service provider can hook you up with BIMI implementation along with standard authentication protocols like DMARC, SPF and DKIM, thereby enhancing your brand recall and upholding your brand’s reputation and integrity.

9. Platform Security and Configuration

An effective DMARC solution will make your work easy by detecting all your subdomains automatically, as well as providing two-factor authentication to enable absolute security of your authentication platform.

10. Threat Intelligence

For enhanced visibility and insight, what you need is an AI-driven Threat Intelligence (TI) engine that actively roots out suspicious IP addresses, checking them against a live, updated blacklist of known abusers so you can have them taken down. This will armor you against malicious activities and repeated occurrences of domain abuse in the future.

11. A Proactive Support Team

When implementing DMARC at your organization and generating aggregate reports, what you need is a proactive support team, available round-the-clock to help you mitigate issues in configuration even after onboarding, throughout the time you are availing of their services.

The Best DMARC Software in the market: PowerDMARC Analyzer Tool

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When choosing a DMARC solution for your organization, it is important to confide in a service provider who offers premium technology at reasonable rates. Sign up to get your free DMARC trial today with PowerDMARC!

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