BIMI Record

What is BIMI?

Go the Extra Mile For Your Brand, Go BIMI

Let’s talk what is BIMI! Your brand is the single most important part of your business that your customers associate with. It’s not enough to have great products and services — people need to recognise and trust your brand. It’s your personal seal of assurance, your business identity. The stronger your brand image, the better your chances are of getting through to potential customers.

BIMI Explained

Brand Indicators for Message Identification, or BIMI, is a standard that uses your brand presence to give your email more credibility. By affixing your brand’s logo on the emails you send, it acts as a second level of verification to let your customers know it’s genuine. Read more about the BIMI Implementation Guide now.

What is BIMI

Why Do You Need BIMI Logo?

So glad you asked. These are the best things about BIMI:

  • Brand Recall

    Every time you send an email, your customers will see your logo in their inbox, reinforcing your brand image.

  • Customer Confidence

    A familiar logo will be recognisable to customers as a brand they have a relationship with.

  • Email Deliverability

    An email that’s immediately identified as trustworthy is much more likely to reach inboxes and get clicks.

  • Visual Confirmation

    Your logo is verified along with your email, so it’s an easy way to indicate your message has been authenticated.

  • DMARC-Based

    What is BIMI without DMARC? The protocol builds on a foundation of DMARC, giving you more security with your existing DMARC deployment

How to Check Your Bimi Record?

To ensure that your BIMI record is functioning properly, check it now using our BIMI record lookup tool, it’s free! All you need to do is: 

  • Enter your domain name in the designated box 
  • Click on Lookup 
  • View your results to see whether your record has any errors 
  • Take action against misconfigured records faster
BIMI record checker tool
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Do You Need DMARC?

We have already discussed what is BIMI and why you need it. But do you need DMARC too? Yes! Your domain needs to have DMARC deployed with a policy of p = quarantine or reject, with both SPF and DKIM enabled.

You have to develop a good reputation as a sender for email receiving servers to see you as a trusted source. This means following email best practices and deliverability guidelines. Your track record determines whether or not the email receiver will display your BIMI-based brand logo. There’s no time to waste, you better get started!

What Does PowerDMARC Do Differently?

At PowerDMARC, we believe not just in doing something unique, but doing it better. Here’s what we mean:

  • Free Hosted BIMI

    When you sign up for a DMARC deployment with PowerDMARC, you’re also getting hosted BIMI implementation on the house. Building your brand literally couldn’t get easier.

  • One-Click Implementation

    With PowerBIMI, getting your very own SVG-compliant logo isn’t just easy, it’s fast. Just upload your logo image, click one button, and boom. You’re done. You can leave the rest to us.

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BIMI is one of the newest email verification standards out there. The quicker you act, the easier it will be to build your brand image. Sign up for a free BIMI now and get your own BIMI Record configured!

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