Important Alert: Google and Yahoo will require DMARC starting from April 2024.

DKIM API: Record Generator & Record Lookup API

Seeking a rapid way to implement and manage email authentication protocols? Start utilizing our DKIM API now!

At PowerDMARC, we recognize the importance of offering you a reliable means to ensure your emails are delivered, readable, and trustworthy. Our DKIM API is designed to empower you with complete control over your DKIM email authentication strategy.

Advantages of DKIM API Integration

The PowerDMARC DKIM API allows developers and organizations to integrate DomainKeys Identified Mail authentication functionality into their email systems, applications, or platforms. 

  • DKIM signature verification API: By utilizing our DKIM API, users can automate the process of generating DKIM signatures for outgoing emails and verifying DKIM signatures on incoming emails.
  • DKIM key management API: Our DKIM API provides functionalities such as key pair generation, signature creation, signature verification, and integration with email sending and receiving processes. This enables organizations to effectively implement DKIM authentication without having to manually manage cryptographic keys and signatures for each email.
How Does DMARC Boost Your Brand?
How Does DMARC Boost Your Brand?

Why Choose our DKIM API for Your Business?

  • Enhanced Email Deliverability: Implementing a DKIM API helps businesses improve their email deliverability rates. By digitally signing outgoing emails with DKIM signatures, businesses can establish their authenticity.
  • Brand Credibility and Trust: Utilizing a DKIM API adds a layer of brand credibility and trust to outgoing emails. When recipients see that emails are signed with DKIM, they can be more confident that the email indeed originates from the stated sender’s domain.
  • Protection Against Email Tampering: DKIM APIs also provide protection against email tampering during transmission.

Get in touch with a dedicated sales representative to request a quote for our DKIM API pricing. We offer custom, reasonable rates for API integrations that suit your needs! 

DKIM API Features

DKIM Record Generation API

DKIM api

You can use our DKIM API record generator to make the process of creating DKIM records automated and effortless, ensuring error-free and precise results every time!

Endpoint Description

The endpoint generates the DKIM record based on the provided data. The maximum count of generated DKIM records cannot exceed 10.

DKIM record generation API documentation

DKIM API Examples

Getting DKIM API Compliance with PowerDMARC

Implementing DKIM API security with us showcases the following benefits: