Important Alert: Google and Yahoo will require DMARC starting from April 2024.
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DMARC for Law Firms

Phishing emails can use confidential client information against lawyers

Why does BEC make clients lose trust in a law firm?

  • If there’s one commitment a law firm cannot afford to violate, it’s attorney-client privilege. A law firm’s reputation can be damaged irreparably if their client’s confidential communications are leaked to the public.

  • Unfortunately, that’s exactly the kind of danger law firms are facing: nearly 80% of law firms reported phishing attempts in 2019, and the amount of money they’ve managed to steal has risen over 300%. Multiple law firms have been hit by ransomware attacks where cybercriminals have leaked sensitive client information in Russian hacker forums and extorted millions of dollars from law firms.

  • Email is still the primary mode of communication for law firms, but its open nature has made it less and less secure over the years. For legal institutions to stand a chance against targeted BEC scams, they need to take serious measures against this growing threat.

Secure your entire email channel

Secure your entire email channel

PowerDMARC is what stands between you and domain spoofing

  • When targeting law firms, attackers use highly specific, personalized emails that make it nearly impossible to tell if it’s fake or not. That’s why it’s not enough to passively defend your domain; you need to proactively secure it. PowerDMARC makes active security not just effective, but accessible.

  • Features like AI-driven Threat Intelligence and 24×7 monitoring and alerts look for and identify threats to your email channels wherever they are in the world. We manage security in your domain so you don’t have to, and give you the option of customizing your PowerDMARC solution for your needs.

  • Law firms have a responsibility towards their clients of not revealing their confidential information at any cost. No one understands that better than a cybersecurity company like us, because that’s exactly what we do for you. Together, we can protect your email channels from compromise and make your online systems that much more secure.