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Our DNS MX lookup tool helps you instantly check MX records for your domain. Perform a free MX record lookup now!

What is a DNS MX Lookup Tool?

An MX Record lookup is an online MX lookup tool or locator that is a reliable and error-free method for querying your DNS to check MX records published on your domain. An MX lookup can help you:

  • Check google MX records and record for multiple email vendors
  • Uncover your MX record syntax to view errors in configuration, if any
  • Trouble the errors faster
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How to Lookup MX Records with the PowerDMARC MX Record Lookup tool?

To perform an MX lookup:

1. Go to PowerToolbox

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2. Choose the MX Lookup tool from Lookup tools in the header menu

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3. Enter your domain name and hit the Lookup button

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Given below is a screenshot of what your MX lookup results may look like:

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MX Lookup for PowerDMARC Customers

If you have a PowerDMARC account, you can locate the MX lookup tool by clicking on PowerToolbox on the left-hand side menu bar.

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What are DNS MX Records?

MX stands for “Mail Exchanger.” It’s a type of DNS record that tells email servers where to find the domain’s email server(s). The most common use of multiple MX records is when there are multiple servers and each one handles a different kind of email traffic.

If you don’t have an MX record set up for your domain, it can cause issues with receiving emails from customers or clients. So if you’re having trouble with incoming messages not arriving in the inboxes, it’s probably time to check MX records for your domain.

For more information on this, check out our detailed guide on DNS MX records.

How to Find MX Records for GMAIL?

If you have a Gmail domain, and you want to check MX records for it, you can do so easily with the MX lookup tool. Just enter your Gmail domain name in the designated box and hit the lookup button to instantly extract MX records for Gmail.

How can an MX Lookup help?

MX records are a type of DNS record that allows you to associate data with your domain. They’re used for a variety of things:

  • They tell other computers where they can send email messages destined for your domain name. If all mail sent to your domfain name is delivered successfully, then this means that everyone can reach you through email no matter where they live or what kind of device they use!
  • They help prevent delivery failures by providing backup mail servers when one goes down unexpectedly or needs maintenance work done on it. If a server goes down for whatever reason and takes down the entire network with it (which happens sometimes), then the other servers listed in its MX record will pick up the load instead until everything gets back up again—and then all emails sent during that time will be delivered correctly
  • MX records are useful because they allow you to specify how email traffic is routed through your domain. This enables you to set up a priority for different servers and hosts, so that when one of them is down, your mail will still be delivered.
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