Important Alert: Google and Yahoo will require DMARC starting from April 2024.

DNS NS Record Lookup Tool – NS Record Lookup Online 

Our DNS NS record lookup tool helps you lookup NS records for your domain name online. Use it now to perform a free DNS NS lookup!

What is a DNS NS Record Lookup Tool?

If you use DNS NS records on your domain, you can perform an NS Record lookup to affirm the validity of your record. The benefits of using the tool are that:

  • It is free and completely online
  • Lookup your DNS to check your NS records
  • Review errors in record syntax 
  • Fix the errors promptly
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How to Check NS Records for your domain?

To check your DNS NS record with the tool:

1. Go to PowerToolbox

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2. Choose the NS record Lookup tool from Lookup tools in the header menu

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3. Enter your domain name and hit the Lookup button

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4. Given below is a screenshot of what your NS record lookup results may look like:

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