I’m using Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite). I don’t need DMARC for Google, right?

Google Workspace DMARC

What is DMARC Record for Google Workspace?

  • Google’s GSuite is a web-based software as a service (SaaS) platform that leverages cloud computing to offer email, cloud storage, and other useful apps. If your organization uses it, you know how much of your company’s data flows through it everyday.

  • Given how popular GSuite’s email services are, it’s become one of the biggest targets for phishing attacks. By disguising themselves as someone from your organization, an attacker can send malicious emails to employees, causing loss of data and compromising your organization’s systems.

  • It’s common for people to assume that GSuite’s in-built security features are enough to keep your email channels safe. But even Google’s security measures have limitations. As the domain owner, you’re still responsible for taking the necessary precautions. This includes implementing the right controls to stop attackers from using your domain to send phishing emails.

  • Organizations that fail to take these important countermeasures fall prey to completely avoidable phishing scams. By going the extra step, it’s a little more effort for much better security.

How Do You Make Email with Google WorkSpace Secure with DMARC?

Google Workspace DMARC
  • Most organizations rely on GSuite’s in-built security measures and anti-spam filters to block fake emails. But these only protect you against inbound phishing emails. What about attackers using your domain to send malicious emails to people?

  • You still need to deal with unauthorized senders who might be using your brand to scam people.

  • Our platform allows you to get information on spoofing attempts, take down malicious IPs, and protect your brand.