Important Alert: Google and Yahoo will require DMARC starting from April 2024.

With DMARC, Go Beyond Email Security

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You probably know about DMARC and how it can secure your email from domain spoofing. But that doesn’t even begin to describe what it can do for your organization, and how it can boost the public’s perception of your brand.

How Does DMARC Boost Your Brand?

If an attacker used your domain to send malicious emails to your customers, it wouldn’t just be a security issue. Your brand would be the face of a major phishing scam, and customers would lose their trust in you, severely impacting your business in the future.

When you prevent spoofing on your domain, you eliminate the risk of your customers getting phishing emails with your name on it. This not only boosts your domain’s reputation with email servers, but it cements your image as a brand committed to protecting your customers’ interests.

How Does DMARC Boost Your Brand?

PowerDMARC Knows What Your Brand Needs

When you sign up for PowerDMARC, you get the latest in brand email security with free hosted BIMI. Now, whenever your customers get an email from you, they’ll see your logo right next to it. With just one click, you increase brand recognition and recall value.

If you thought DMARC was only about email security, think again. Give your brand image and public perception the boost it needs with PowerDMARC, today!

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