Important Alert: Google and Yahoo will require DMARC starting from April 2024.

DMARC Vs Anti-Spam Solutions

The difference between Anti-Spam and DMARC

DMARC and anti-spam solutions are not the same things! Let’s do a deep dive into how the two solutions work to understand the difference better.

How do Anti-Spam Solutions work?

To make sense of the DMARC vs anti-spam debate, let’s understand how an anti-spam solution works. Anti-spam solutions make use of several algorithms to cut through the inbox clutter and identify and single out potential spam emails. It uses a concoction of filters including content, header, and blacklist filters to distinguish between real and spam emails, thereby lodging them into the spam/junk folder when detected. They are effective in preventing inbound phishing attempts.

Anti-spam filters are however NOT effective against:

Outbound Phishing attacks

Spoofing attacks

Domain impersonation

Malware and ransomware

How does DMARC protect your domain

How does DMARC protect your domain?

As opposed to Anti-spam solutions, DMARC is an email authentication protocol that builds on SPF and/or DKIM to protect a user’s email domain. It acts as a layer of verification for your emails along with a reporting mechanism to help you gain a deeper understanding of your email’s performance and deliverability. 

DMARC protects your domains against a range of cyber attacks including:

  • CEO fraud

  • Ransomware and malware

  • Outbound phishing attempts

  • Direct-domain spoofing attacks

  • Business email compromise (BEC)

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DMARC Vs Anti-Spam Solutions: What do the experts recommend?

To conclude the DMARC vs anti-spam debate, here are our key takeaways:

  • It is safe to say that anti-spam solutions offer definitive protection against inbound phishing attempts (incoming phishing emails sent to an organization’s employees) but are rendered ineffective against social engineering attacks like spoofing.

  • In an age of evolving cyber threats, DMARC is the solution you should opt for. Unlike anti-spam solutions, it is still a new and emerging technology that is going through advancements every passing year to adapt to the changing times.

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DMARC Vs Anti Spam Solutions

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