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Imagine you get to work one day, settle down at your desk, and open up your computer to check the news. Then you see it. Your organization’s name is all over the headlines — and it’s not good news. Someone launched an email spoofing attack from your domain, sending phishing emails to people all over the world. And many of them fell for it.

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PowerDMARC, an email authentication solutions provider headquartered in Delaware,  USA, is partnering with Dubai-based information security distribution company, Disti360. In June 2020, Disti360 the Hub of Virtual Distribution signed on to become a value-added distributor of PowerDMARC’s suite of email security and DMARC services.

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PowerDMARC, a Delaware-based DMARC and email security solutions provider, has announced their partnership with Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) in May, 2020.

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PowerDMARC, one of the leading DMARC solutions providers, has announced their newest Executive Advisory Board Member. Dr. Saqib Ali, Ph.D., an information systems expert, IT professional and business analyst is slated to join the company as an advisor in the month of May.

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Email is often the first choice for a cybercriminal when they’re launching because it’s so easy to exploit. Unlike brute-force attacks which are heavy on processing power, or more sophisticated methods that require a high level of skill, domain spoofing can be as easy as writing an email pretending to be someone else.


PowerDMARC, the Delaware-based email security provider, has joined hands with one of Australia’s premier information security companies. In a move that’s expected to bring awareness about email security into the mainstream, PowerDMARC’s partnership with CyberSecOn is projected to boost DMARC compliance rates in Australia and New Zealand.

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Email phishing has evolved over the years from gamers sending prank emails to it becoming a highly lucrative activity for hackers across the world.