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A free CNAME record lookup tool helps you instantly check CNAME records for your domain by entering your domain name in the destination box. Start your CNAME record check with a single click!

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What is a CNAME Record Lookup Tool?

A CNAME Record Lookup tool is your DNS CNAME record locator, that helps you review the canonical name records published on your DNS. This tool is online and free of charge and does not require log in or sign-up. With a CNAME record lookup, you can:

  • Query your domain name servers and lookup CNAME records for your domain 
  • Review syntax errors in the records 
  • Troubleshoot configuration issues faster
CNAME Record Lookup Tool
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What is a CNAME Record? 

CNAME records, or canonical name records, are a type of DNS record that is used to indicate another hostname for your domain. CNAME records are often used by domain registrars as a way to direct traffic from one domain to another. 

For example, if you have a website at, but you want users to access it under another URL, like, then you would need to set up an A record and a CNAME record to point traffic from YOUR site’s old address to YOUR site’s new address.

For more information on this, check out our detailed guide on DNS CNAME records

What is the benefit of CNAME?

Looking up your CNAME record can help you fish for errors and maintain their validity. These types of records are highly beneficial to you in the following ways: 

These specialized DNS records allow you to create aliases for your domain, so that if someone types in a different name for your site, they’re sent to your real website.

This is why a CNAME record lookup can help you make sure your records are functioning as they should and are set up properly in the DNS.