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DMARC Monitoring Services for Educational Institutions

Schools and universities store students’ personal data, making them a lucrative target for phishing

Why are educational institutions at such a high risk of being spoofed?

  • Educational organizations like schools, colleges and universities need to collect, process and store huge amounts of personal information belonging to their students. These can include things like residential addresses, social numbers, and bank account numbers. 

  • According to a study in 2018, of 3,600 domains belonging to top universities in the US, only 11% even had a published DMARC policy, let alone enforcement.

  • Cybercriminals commonly target students and faculty, sending fake emails from the institution’s real domain, asking for login access, sensitive personal information, and money transfers. 

  • This can lead to serious legal action being taken against the organizations, especially if the students happen to be minors below the age of 18.

Secure your entire email channel

Secure your entire email channel

PowerDMARC can ensure students are kept safe from email compromise

  • Attackers often rely on the fact that an educational institution’s position of authority will be more likely to get students and parents to comply quickly with their instructions and without critically analyzing the email itself. PowerDMARC technology can prevent those emails from ever being delivered, eliminating the chance of someone falling victim to them.

  • Features like AI-driven Threat Intelligence and 24×7 monitoring and alerts look for and identify threats to your email channels wherever they are in the world. We manage security in your domain so you don’t have to, and give you the option of customizing your PowerDMARC solution for your needs.

  • With the help of our advanced DMARC authentication suite, you won’t just be protecting your educational institution from phishing scams, you’ll actively be securing it against compromise.