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DMARC Services for Hosting & Cloud Service Providers

Whether you’re an email web, or cloud hosting provider, you’ll know that domain hosting is more fraught with security risks than ever before. If your customers are hit with a phishing attack, they might lose their trust in your services.

Why Should Hosting Providers Offer DMARC?

  • DMARC is an email authentication protocol designed to prevent cybercriminals from spoofing business domains and impersonating brands. As a hosting provider, you’re directly responsible for the maintenance of your customers’ domains. This includes, among other things, domain security. 

  • Many hosting providers treat security as an afterthought, and as a result, smaller businesses without dedicated security teams become the targets of cybercriminals. 

  • As a hosting provider that cares, you can step up your security game by offering DMARC protection with your domain. Customers are more willing to trust a service provider who’s able go above and beyond to ensure the safety of their domain.

  • And the best part? PowerDMARC can help you maintain secure, DMARC-protected domains for all your customers.

Secure your entire email channel

Why Choose PowerDMARC?

PowerDMARC’s SaaS platform is completely web-based, which means it’s easy and lightweight for both you and your customers to use. Our services are designed to be flexible both for our own customers as well as our partners (like you!) to use. Here’s what will make your DMARC experience special:

  • Multi-Tenancy Control Panel

    Our unique control panel is built specifically to cater to the needs of organizations that manage several customers using PowerDMARC. We want you to have a detailed overview of everyone leveraging the DMARC services so you can provide the best possible consumer experience to them.

  • Low Cost, High Margins

    Worried about maintenance costs? No sweat! We offer a ready-to-deploy cybersecurity suite you can offer to customers with minimal setup and maintenance. You can consistently ensure high margins with next to no effort.

  • Total Control

    Your control panel, your rules. Configure DMARC solutions and tailor them to the needs of your customers. The best security solution is always the most personalized one, and we want you to take advantage of the flexibility of our platform. It’s domain security like never before.

  • Ease of Provisioning

    We believe in bringing our clients and partners the smoothest user experience possible. We achieve this with a simple, easy-to-use platform where every setting or configuration is just a few clicks away. When you’re managing security for numerous customers, you need to be able to easily modify any part of your service.

  • Training & Support

    When you choose PowerDMARC, we provide comprehensive training to get you familiar with our platform and services. DMARC experts will help you understand the needs of your customers, how to be responsive to security incidents and more. Plus, you’ll receive continued technical support from our security team.