PowerDMARC, a leading DMARC and email security services provider based in Delaware, USA, is joining hands with the security experts at Huntmetrics. As a leading cybersecurity services provider in India and Qatar, Huntmetrics is signing on as a value-added reseller of DMARC and related products.

“We’re really looking forward to this partnership,” said Faisal Al Farsi, Co-Founder and CEO of PowerDMARC. “As we expand our operations around the world, we rely more on experienced and well-connected partners. The people at Huntmetrics have been in security for decades now, and we couldn’t think of anyone better to help us bring DMARC to more businesses globally.”

Huntmetrics specializes in cybersecurity, application security and risk assessment, offering a plethora of services including security testing, vulnerability management, and security compliance. Headquartered in Mumbai, India, they have a strong presence across the subcontinent as well as Qatar and Kuwait. Their driving business philosophy is not to pitch products based on profitability, but rather offer “practical solutions that work”.

Through this partnership, they seek to expand their catalogue of services and help businesses combat domain spoofing. By integrating PowerDMARC’s products into their ecosystem, they’re looking to push DMARC compliance rates across Asia and secure brands against impersonation and phishing attacks.

“Email security is an exciting frontier for us,” said Huntmetrics Founder and CEO, Ayub Shaikh. “With domain spoofing attacks growing more frequent, the PowerDMARC platform is exactly what brands need to protect themselves. We already have a mature roster of cybersecurity offerings, and we’re looking forward to a fresh new addition to keep giving our clients the best experience possible.”

Ayub Shaikh

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