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Our DNS PTR record lookup tool helps you instantly lookup PTR records for your domain as soon as you enter your domain name in the box. Perform a free DNS PTR record lookup online now!

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What is a DNS PTR Record Lookup Tool?

A DNS PTR Record lookup tool helps you query domain PTR records published on your domain name system. The tool is free and completely online. It is also extremely easy to use. The advantages of this tool are that it helps you:

  • Lookup your DNS to check your PTR records
  • Uncover syntax errors in your record
  • Resolve misconfigurations easily 
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What is a PTR Record? 

A PTR record, or pointer record, is used to point your domain name to an IP address that’s associated with your server. A PTR record contains a hostname that is associated with an IP address. This allows DNS servers to route traffic to the correct location based on the hostname information.

For more information on this, check out our detailed guide on DNS PTR records

Benefits of a DNS PTR Record Lookup

PTR records are widely used by Internet Service Providers (ISPs), as well as by large organizations and small businesses alike.

  • DNS PTR records are an important part of your domain name system (DNS). They provide a way to look up the IP address associated with a domain name.
  • They’re used for email authentication and other email-based services (like spam filtering)
  • They’re used in reverse DNS lookup, which is one way that email servers can verify that an IP address belongs to a certain domain name.
  • They make it easier for clients to find your website. Also, if you have an IP address that has multiple subnets or hosts on it, then adding a PTR record can help others find the right host.