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PowerDMARC’s free DNS record checker tools help domain owners check various types of DNS records published on their domains. The DNS record lookup tools help you stay on top of errors in your record syntax, and more, so you can fix them quicker!

What is a DNS Lookup?

The DNS record checker tool helps you conduct a DNS record lookup for your domain, but what is a DNS lookup? A DNS lookup is a request for information about a domain name. 

When you enter a website’s URL in your browser, you’re performing a DNS query request on that domain. A DNS lookup is what happens when your computer asks the Domain Name System (DNS) for the IP address associated with that domain name.

What is a DNS Lookup

Types of DNS Record Lookups

These are the main types of DNS lookups:

  • Recursive:

    A recursive DNS lookup returns all records associated with the domain name, including any subdomains.

  • Non-recursive:

    A non-recursive DNS record lookup only returns records for the specified domain name itself.

  • Forward:

    Forward lookup, which uses a domain name to find an IP address.

  • Reverse:

    Finally, the reverse DNS record lookup looks up an IP address in order to find its corresponding domain name

How to Check DNS records?


Login to your PowerDMARC account OR go to Powertoolbox


Locate DNS lookup tools in Powertoolbox from the menu


From the list of DNS checker tools, select the tool of your choice to get started!

Types of DNS records you can check using the DNS Record Checker

NS record checker

NS record

Checks nameserver (NS) records for your domain

MX record checker

MX record checker

Checks your DNS MX records (a type of DNS record that you can create to help route emails) 

Whois checker

Whois checker

Whois records are the key to finding out who owns a domain name and where they are located.

Blocklist checker

Blocklist checker

IP blocklisting is a method used to filter out illegitimate or malicious IP addresses from accessing your networks. Blocklists are lists containing ranges of or individual IP addresses that you want to block.

PTR checker

PTR checker

Pointer records (PTR records) are one of the records used by the domain name system (DNS), which acts as a directory for the internet.

A record checker

A records are used to map a hostname (like “example.com”) to an IP address.

AAAA record checker

AAAA records are used to map a hostname (like “example.com”) to an IPv6 address.

TXT record checker

TXT record checker

A TXT record can be used to add additional information about your domain in a human-readable format.

CNAME record checker

CNAME record checker

A CNAME record is an alias that points to another web address.

SOA record checker

SOA records contain information about the DNS servers that are responsible for your domain.

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