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DNS TXT Record Lookup Tool – TXT Record Lookup Online

Our DNS TXT record lookup tool helps you instantly lookup TXT record for your domain by entering your domain name in the destination box. Perform a free domain TXT record lookup now!

What is a DNS TXT Record Lookup Tool?

A DNS TXT Record lookup is your online Domain TXT record lookup tool or locator, that helps you query your DNS to review the TXT records published on your domain. The advantage of this tool is that is free, online, and quick to use, helping you:

  • Query your domain name servers instantly to view your TXT records
  • Reveal any syntax or configuration error in your record
  • Remediate your errors easily 
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How to perform a TXT Record Lookup with the Domain TXT Record Lookup tool?

To perform a DNS TXT record lookup with the tool: 

Choose the TXT record Lookup tool from Lookup tools in the header menu

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Enter your domain name and hit the Lookup button

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Why is a Domain TXT Record Lookup useful for you?

TXT records are a type of DNS record that allows you to associate data with your domain. They’re used for a variety of things:

With a TXT record lookup, you ensure that your records are functioning as they should and are set up properly in the DNS.