Dynamic SPF

An SPF record is like an instructions booklet for email servers. By looking up your record, the receiving server distinguishes between authorized and unauthorized IP addresses, and rejects fake emails. Dynamic SPF resolves all that with ease.

Zero Risk of Accidental SPF Failure, Only With PowerSPF

SPF Records Have One Major Problem

  • Your SPF record has a limit of 10 DNS Lookups. Every time you add a new ‘mechanism’ in your record, you require a new lookup. You need to use mechanisms to add new IP addresses.

  • If your organization relies on several third-party vendors to send email from your domain, that’s more IPs to authorize. And the more IPs you want to authorize, the more mechanisms you need. Starting to see the problem here?

  • Once your SPF record exceeds the 10 DNS Lookup limitation, you receive a ‘permerror’ result. This means the email receiver considers your SPF record invalid and automatically blocks it.

You could be having email delivery issues without even knowing it.
As the domain owner, you need to fix this issue immediately. Our Dynamic SPF is the quickest resolution.

The DNS Lookup Limit
Dynamic SPF Record

Why SPF Flattening Is Not A Solution

SPF flattening isn’t a one-time deal. If your email service provider changes their infrastructure, you’re going to have to change your SPF records accordingly. Every single time.

The more third-party vendors you have sending email from your domain, the more email providers you all use. If any one of them changes, you have to change your SPF record all over again.

How Does Dynamic SPF Work?

DynamicSPF carries out dynamic flattening and auto-updates the netblocks to make sure your authorized IPs are always up-to-date. This ensures that your SPF record is always less than that 10 DNS lookup limit to avoid hitting the SPF hard limit.

One-Click Dynamic SPF Optimizer 

Introducing PowerSPF, the one-click Dynamic SPF record optimizer tool

Dynamic SPF
  • Add or remove vendors with ease

    When you update your list of IPs, just optimize it with PowerSPF

  • Stay under the Lookup limit with ease

    With PowerSPF, the 10 DNS Lookup limit is a thing of the past

  • Get an optimized record in one click

    Simply copy and paste your old record, then click ‘Generate’

  • Permanently defeat ‘permerror’

    ‘permerror’ stops being a problem if you never go over the limit

  • Error free spf

    Stop worrying about any SPF record errors, limits or configuration issues. With PowerSPF all of that is taken care of.

Guarantee total email deliverability, only with PowerDMARC Dynamic SPF! 

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