WHOIS API Record Lookup : Domain Insights & Data Retrieval API

Are you seeking a swift and automated way to gain comprehensive domain insights? Begin harnessing the power of our WHOIS Lookup API now!

At PowerDMARC, we understand the significance of equipping you with reliable means to extract valuable domain information. Our WHOIS Lookup API is tailored to empower you with essential data retrieval capabilities for seamless integration into your systems.

How Does DMARC Boost Your Brand?

What is WHOIS API?

“WHOIS” stands for “Who is?” and it is a protocol used to query databases that store information about domain names, IP addresses, and other related information. This information includes details about the domain’s owner, registration and expiration dates, nameservers, and contact information.

Our WHOIS API is a programmatic way to retrieve WHOIS information about a particular domain name or IP address. Instead of manually querying a WHOIS database, developers can use our API to automate the retrieval of this information for integration into their applications, websites, or services. 

This is particularly useful for businesses that need to manage domain portfolios, monitor domain expirations, or conduct online investigations.

How does WHOIS API work?

A WHOIS API provides a programmatic interface for querying WHOIS databases and retrieving domain registration information. Here’s how the process generally works:

  • API Endpoint and Authentication
  • Constructing and Sending the Request
  • API Processing
  • Retrieving and formatting the Response
  • Parsing and Utilizing the Data

Developers should refer to our API documentation for detailed instructions on how to use the API effectively.

How Does DMARC Boost Your Brand?

Is Our WHOIS API for you?

You can benefit from our WHOIS API if you fall within the following categories:

Domain Portfolio Managers

If you manage a portfolio of domain names, the WHOIS API can help you efficiently monitor and track important dates, ownership changes, and other domain-related information.

Cybersecurity Professionals

Investigating suspicious websites or identifying potential online threats becomes easier with the WHOIS API. Obtain valuable insights into the owners and origins of domains to enhance your cybersecurity efforts.

Businesses and Startups

Are you launching a new website or online service? The WHOIS API aids in checking the availability of desired domain names and helps you plan your online presence effectively.

Legal and Compliance Teams

For legal purposes or regulatory compliance, having access to accurate domain ownership information is crucial. The WHOIS API simplifies the process of gathering this information.

Advantages of WHOIS API Integration

The PowerDMARC WHOIS Lookup API enables developers and organizations to seamlessly integrate domain information retrieval functionality into their applications, platforms, or systems.

  • Domain Registration Details: Utilize our WHOIS API to automate the process of extracting domain registration information. Retrieve registration dates, contact details, and more for a comprehensive view.
  • Domain Ownership Verification: Our WHOIS API facilitates domain ownership validation by providing registrant information, ensuring the authenticity of domain ownership, and aiding in fraud prevention.
  • Domain Expiry Monitoring: With our API, receive timely alerts for domain expiry dates, helping you to proactively manage domain renewals and prevent unexpected disruptions.
How Does DMARC Boost Your Brand?

How Does DMARC Boost Your Brand?

Why Choose our WHOIS Lookup API for Your Needs?

  • Comprehensive Domain Insights: Integrate our WHOIS Lookup API to enrich your data with accurate domain registration and ownership details, enabling informed decision-making.
  • Data Accuracy and Reliability: By utilizing our API, you ensure the extraction of precise and up-to-date domain information, enhancing the trustworthiness of your domain intelligence.
  • Protection Against Domain-related Threats: The WHOIS API assists in identifying potentially malicious domains by providing ownership verification and expiration monitoring, supporting your security measures.

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WHOIS API Features

WHOIS data retrieval API

Our WHOIS API data retrieval capabilities provide an automated and effortless method to extract domain registration, ownership, and expiry information accurately.

WHOIS Record Lookup API Endpoint

The endpoint retrieves comprehensive domain information, including registration dates, ownership details, and expiration dates, enhancing your domain insights. The maximum count of domains that can be provided is 10.

WHOIS API query parameters

domains (required): An array of domains. You need to provide at least one domain. Elements in the domains array must be a valid domain without the prefix HTTP or HTTPS.

WHOIS API response format


Achieving Domain WHOIS API Compliance with PowerDMARC

Implementing our WHOIS Lookup API enhances your domain intelligence capabilities in the following ways:

  • Informed Decision-Making: Gain access to accurate domain ownership and registration information, aiding your decision-making processes with data-backed insights.

  • Enhanced Security: Verify domain ownership to prevent fraudulent activities and enhance your domain security posture, safeguarding against potential threats.

  • Timely Expiry Management: Stay ahead of domain renewals and potential disruptions by utilizing our API’s expiry monitoring feature, ensuring uninterrupted online presence.

  • Flexible Integration: The WHOIS Lookup API offers seamless integration, providing easy-to-use interfaces and documentation, streamlining your integration process.

  • Centralized Insights: Manage and retrieve domain information through a centralized API, simplifying domain intelligence gathering and utilization.

Simplifying Domain Insight Retrieval with WHOIS API Integration

Incorporate PowerDMARC’s domain intelligence platform seamlessly into your existing environment to leverage our WHOIS Lookup API — while we manage the intricacies!

Simplify domain information retrieval and management – we are the ultimate choice for businesses seeking an efficient and budget-friendly solution. Connect with us today!