DMARC SaaS Solution Platform

Why stop at passive email protection when you can gear up with active anti-spoofing technology service provider?

DMARC Data, Simplified via our SaaS

DMARC aggregate reports are generated in an XML file format. To the untrained eye, this may as well be a foreign language. Our platform converts these complex XML files into information you can understand. PowerDMARC SaaS Platform is able to distill key data points into graphs, charts and numbers that make sense even to someone unfamiliar with it.

powerdmarc dmarc data simplified
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All the Information At Your Fingertips via our SaaS

We offer every metric you could possibly ask for, displayed in handy colour-coded graphs and charts. Here’s just some of the information you have at your disposal:


An overview of your entire domain on a single pane of glass. Get total visibility on everything happening in your domain, and dive deep into the smaller details with our interactive charts and widgets.

powerdmarc dashboard
  • DMARC Compliance

    The percentage of emails sent from your domain that align with DMARC

  • SPF & DKIM alignment

    Percentage of emails that align with SPF and DKIM respectively

  • PowerDMARC Top 5 Threats

    5 IP addresses that pose the biggest potential threats to your domain

  • Outbound Email Overview

    View the proportion of your emails that are passing DMARC

Per Sending Source

Every IP sending emails through your domain 

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Reports and Alerts

Per Result

Every email that generates a DMARC report

Per Organization

DMARC compliance of each organization you have registered with us

Two-factor Authentication
Managed Services

Per Host

Every IP host being used by all your sending sources 

Detailed Stats

Every country that your emails are going out of

API Support
Fantastic support!

Geo Location Report

Compare different points of data, identify problems faster

Per Country

Total visibility of the locations of all your sending sources

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)