Whitelabel DMARC Reporting for MSP/MSSPs

Built specifically for MSP / MSSPs, our DMARC white labeling opportunity allows you to completely whitelabel our full suite of services in your own logo, colors, and branding!

Exciting Features of our DMARC Whitelabel Program

One-step Configuration

One step Configuration

Start your full Whitelabel experience with a simple one-step configuration that takes not more than a few seconds!

Customizable URL 

Customizable URL

Don’t want to use our URL? You don’t have to! Configure your custom URL that reflects your own brand (example:app.yourdomain.com)

Company Logo

Company logo

Use your own company logo on our entire platform. It’s basically your own product now!

Company Colors and Branding

Company Colors and Branding

Every organization has a color scheme and branding that is instantly recognizable and unique to them. Modify the platform in your own branding and colors for a more exclusive experience!

Customizable PDF reports

Customizable PDF reports

Our DMARC Whitelabel feature allows you to completely customize DMARC PDF reports with your own logo and branding. These reports contain valuable information on your DMARC authentication results and aggregate data that can be shared cross-departmentally at will.

Customizable Email Alerts

Customizable Email Alerts

Our PowerAlerts is a customer favorite, and now with the white labeling feature, you can make it your own by customizing it to fit your brand’s look and feel! This alerting feature sends your customers real-time warnings on forensic incidents and suspicious activities on their email domain directly to their mailbox without them having to log in to their dashboard. 

API Support

API Support

Our DMARC API is super lightweight and easy to use, allowing your customers to seamlessly integrate their favorite third-party tools and services and requires no infrastructure changes or technical knowledge. With Whitelabel, you can use API with ease

Full-stack email authentication platform

Full stack email authentication platform

Not just DMARC! Offer all protocols such as SPF, BIMI, Hosted MTA-STS, TLS-RPT, DMARC, and DKIM from your own branded Whitelabel platform

Customizable DMARC RUA/RUF DNS records

Customizable DMARC RUA RUF DNS records

Get your own customizable DMARC RUA and RUF DNS records for your customers

Branded Emails 

Branded Emails

All emails are branded under your domain name, logo, and name

Customizable Terms and Conditions Page

Customizable Terms and Conditions Page

You can fully customize our terms and conditions page to fit your own objectives and policies. Add your own terms and conditions and set your own rules, without any interference from us! 

Customizable Support Page 

Customizable Support Page

You can fully customize the support page link to redirect to your company’s support page. Independently handle client queries and offer support at your own pace! 

Whitelabel our Full-Stack Email Authentication Suite

Privately label our customary email authentication services and solutions that provide well-rounded protection against email security incidents

Our full package includes:


MSP/MSSP Dashboard

  • View all your clients from a single MSP DMARC dashboard 
  • Manage your clients at ease
  • Set different plans for different customers
  • View audit logs
  • Allow certain administrators to view certain customers
  • Set MFA
  • Allow end user self-registration or register users on their behalf
  • Complete multi-tenant platform

DMARC Reporting for MSP/MSSPs

  • DMARC DNS configuration and enforcement
  • DMARC aggregate & forensic reporting and monitoring along with PGP encryption
  • Live threat map
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Detailed PDF Reporting
  • CSV Export
  • Protection against spoofing, phishing, BEC, CEO fraud, ransomware, and more 
  • Lot more features!

SPF Flattening

  • Automatic SPF flattening
  • Helps domain owners stay under the SPF hard limit 
  • Keeps users updated on third-party IP address changes 
  • Helps in troubleshooting SPF errors 
  • One single SPF configuration

DKIM authentication

  • Signs outgoing messages with a unique hash value for verification
  • Prevents message modifications in transit 
  • Prevents authentication failures due to mail forwarding 

Hosted BIMI

  • A 2-in-1 email authentication and marketing tool
  • Affixes brand logo to commercial mails for a more professional look and feel
  • Increases brand recognition and recall

Hosted MTA-STS

  • Makes SMTP email communications safer 
  • Prevents cyber eavesdropping attacks like MITM and DNS spoofing
  • Prevents malicious email interceptions in transit
mta sts
tls rpt

TLS-RPT Reporting

  • Includes daily reports on email deliverability issues for quick troubleshooting