What is Email Authentication?

Email authentication is a process of confirming the identity of the sender and the legitimacy of emailed messages. Email authentication plays a critical role in any email-based business. It helps users distinguish legitimate emails from spam and phishing emails and limits the potential risk of cyberattacks.

Email authentication solutions like DMARC are becoming a popular method of increasing deliverability and avoiding spam traps.

The Best Email Authentication Solutions for You

There are various types of email authentication protocols in the market that you can avail of. PowerDMARC is your one-stop destination to the best email authentication service for your business, so that both the sender as well as the receivers are relieved of the uncertainty pertaining to the correct origin and path of the email.

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Secure your Organization from Fraud, Business Email Compromise and Spoofing with DMARC

The Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC) allows email receivers to authenticate corporate email domains. By adopting DMARC you can combat impersonation of your brand appearing in inboxes across the internet. DMARC helps you:

  • Protect your brand against impersonation

  • Improve your email deliverability rate over time

  • Improve your brand’s reputation and credibility

  • Safeguard the privacy of your company information

  • Prevent financial losses

  • Secure your email and domain name

PowerDMARC’s DMARC Analyzer Tool

Shift from monitoring to enforcement in no time!  

Our DMARC analyzer allows you to implement DMARC in just 3 easy steps:

sign up dmarc
Sign up with PowerDMARC and add your domains
update dns
Update your DNS
24 hour reports
View your first DMARC reports within 24 hours

How Can a DMARC Analyzer Help You?


AI-driven Threat Intelligence (TI) helps you blacklist malicious IPs around the world 

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Generate scheduled PDF reports to share with your employees

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Gain complete visibility into your email ecosystem

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Monitor email flow and authentication results on the PowerDMARC dashboard

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View DMARC aggregate reports in 7 different formats and encrypt your forensic reports 

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Gain 100% DMARC compliance 

Stay Under the 10 DNS lookup Limit 

With PowerSPF, your very own automatic SPF flattening solution, the SPF 10 lookup limit is now a thing of the past. Our dynamic SPF resolves all your SPF-related issues by:

  • Auto updating netblocks
  • Mitigating SPF permerror
  • Helping you stay under the SPF hard limit
  • Providing real-time one-click SPF flattening
  • Constantly scanning for changes in IP addresses by your service providers
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Accentuate Brand Credibility with BIMI 

How great would it be if your recipients could visually identify your brand in their inboxes before clicking on a phishing email? This is exactly what Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) does! With PowerBIMI you can: 

  • Attach your brand logo with every email you send out
  • Enjoy hosted BIMI services
  • Boost your brand recall, credibility and trust
  • Improve your email deliverability rate

Make TLS Encryption Mandatory in SMTP 

SMTP security problems can no longer be a reason for you to fall prey to pervasive monitoring attacks like Man-in-the-middle (MITM). MTA-STS ensures that all your inbound emails are transferred over a TLS encrypted connection, instead of sending them in plaintext. With PowerMTA-STS:

  • You can enjoy hosted MTA-STS services

  • We host your policy files and TLS certificates and maintain your web server

  • Implement MTA-STS by publishing just 3 CNAME records in your DNS

  • Enable TLS-RPT for identifying issues in email delivery with simplified SMTP TLS reports

Make Your Emails Safe Again with Email Authentication

Are you a Managed IT or Security Service Provider or a reseller (VAR/MSP/MSSP/Reseller)?

Know more about our multi-tenant program!

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