What is Email Authentication?

Email authentication is a process of confirming the identity of the sender and the legitimacy of emailed messages. Email authentication plays a critical role in any email-based business. It helps users distinguish legitimate emails from spam and phishing emails and limits the potential risk of cyberattacks.

Email authentication solutions like DMARC are becoming a popular method of increasing deliverability and avoiding spam traps.

The Best Email Authentication Solutions for You

There are various types of email authentication protocols in the market that you can avail of. PowerDMARC is your one-stop destination to the best email authentication service for your business, so that both the sender as well as the receivers are relieved of the uncertainty pertaining to the correct origin and path of the email.

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Secure your Organization from Fraud, Business Email Compromise and Spoofing with DMARC

The Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC) allows email receivers to authenticate corporate email domains. By adopting DMARC you can combat impersonation of your brand appearing in inboxes across the internet. DMARC helps you:

  • Protect your brand against impersonation

  • Improve your email deliverability rate over time

  • Improve your brand’s reputation and credibility

  • Safeguard the privacy of your company information

  • Prevent financial losses

  • Secure your email and domain name