Important Alert: Google and Yahoo will require DMARC starting from April 2024.
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Zero-Stress Collaboration on Zimbra, Only with PowerDMARC

PowerDMARC for Zimbra secures your email platforms, ensuring that private company communications stay private

You might be receiving fake emails without even knowing

  • The biggest danger to your organization’s staff usually isn’t email sent by an unknown third party. It’s emails sent by someone pretending to be from your organization. You’re more likely to trust a message that your boss or colleague appears to have sent, and give them what they ask for.

  • Zimbra is an email collaboration platform that companies use to coordinate tasks between people and teams. Thousands of emails flow through their systems everyday, mostly between employees and business partners.

  • This is a perfect opportunity for an attacker to sneak in and send a carefully crafted phishing email using the domain name of the organization.

Secure your entire email channel

How does DMARC stop fake emails from being delivered?

DMARC is an email authentication protocol that validates every email being sent through your domain to make sure the emails are from authorized senders. When you enforce DMARC, it automatically blocks unauthorized or spam email from being delivered to your inbox.

Why is this important? Your staff don’t need to carefully check every single email that arrives in their inbox, saving you time, energy, and avoiding the risk of accidentally opening a phishing email.