NGN International with PowerDMARC signs at Arab International Cybersecurity Summit 2022, to expand its operations and combat email fraud attacks in Bahrain.

Bahrain-based managed security service provider NGN International attended the signing-off ceremony at the Arab International Cybersecurity Summit (AICS) 2022, Bahrain, to further their long-withstanding partnership with leading US-based email authentication SaaS provider, PowerDMARC. This agreement will accelerate the efforts further, after the great success in 2022 in Bahrain. 

Mr. Yaqoob Al-Awadhi, CEO of NGN, stated that this agreement provides the individuals and institutions in the Bahraini market with one of the enhanced and cutting-edge solutions from the “DMARC” system to ensure the highest standards of cybersecurity and protection from complex phishing attacks and impersonation, using the best security technologies. He said that this system is ideal for many reasons, including that the “NGN” technical team can create technical solutions suitable for the Internet domain of the institution, company or organization, in addition to controlling and monitoring it.

“PowerDMARC and NGN International share a common goal when it comes to protecting organizations in Bahrain against email fraud, and increasing DMARC and email authentication adoption in the country. PowerDMARC makes it easier for domain owners to leverage complex email authentication protocols, and manage their configurations over a simple and easy-to-use SaaS platform. With continued support from NGN, we are hoping to cover fresh grounds in Bahrain and minimize email threats,” said Maitham Al Lawati, CEO of PowerDMARC.

Email fraud attacks like phishing and spoofing have been wreaking havoc in the online space for organizations around the world, costing companies a ton of money annually, and causing serious reputational damage. Implementing DMARC and MTA-STS along with other email authentication protocols is a solution to this problem.

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PowerDMARC is a leading email authentication SaaS platform that assembles a complete collection of protocols like DMARC, SPF, DKIM, BIMI, MTA-STS, TLS-RPT on a single scalable interface, helping organizations combat phishing attacks, spoofing, BEC, domain abuse, and ransomware. It is a multi-tenant, DMARC MSP and Whitelabel-ready platform for partners. 

PowerDMARC is trusted by global organizations and governments, with 300+ MSP/MSSP partners and 1000+ customers worldwide. 

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