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DMARC Done Not Just Different, But Better

When it comes to protecting your brand, you need to understand that the difference between an average DMARC provider and a great one lies in what features they give you. Simply implementing DMARC can only take you halfway. But to make full use of the data and uncover threats to your domain, you need a solution that goes beyond basic DMARC protection. You need PowerDMARC.

What Does PowerDMARC That Others Don’t?

When you sign up for PowerDMARC, you get all your DMARC-related material in one, easy-to-use app designed to be used even by people who have no knowledge about email security. But that’s our most basic feature. With PowerDMARC you get :

all in one features
    and More

DMARC is just one of the many different security standards we deal with. With your PowerDMARC setup, you get free hosted BIMI, MTA-STS, TLS-RPT and more, all of which you can access and configure from our main app.

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  • AI-Based Threat Intelligence

Using a predictive AI engine to monitor your domain, we can give you real-time alerts of attackers abusing your domain from anywhere around the world. You even get full visibility of the abuser’s historical spoofing records.

  • Encrypted Forensic Reports

PowerDMARC not only gives you the option to view all your DMARC Forensic Reports in the app, it even lets you encrypt the reports with your own personal key. It’s absolute privacy at no extra cost.

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power spf powerdmarc
  • PowerSPF

A valid SPF record can only have a maximum of 10 DNS Lookups. With just one click, PowerSPF lets you optimize your SPF record so you still authorize all of your known senders without ever exceeding the limit.

  • One-Click IP Report

Just found an IP address impersonating your brand and sending out malicious email? All it takes is one click to report the IP to our systems so we can get to work removing the threat. We even give you full visibility on the attacker by giving you a full record of domain abuse from that IP, and see if it’s blacklisted or not.

report ip abuse powerdmarc
power take down powerdmarc
  • Power Take Down

Our Security Operation Center runs 24 hours a day, every day of the year, working to take down malicious sources trying to abuse your domain name.

  • PDF Reporting

PowerDMARC lets you generate DMARC reports on demand and get them in a PDF file that can be easily shared and read.

pdf report

At PowerDMARC, we don’t do things differently just to stand out. We innovate because it’s the only way to push the world of email security forward, so we can protect your brand the way no one else can.

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