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DMARC benefits your organization in ways you may have never expected out of an email security protocol! DMARC is a powerful tool that can help businesses protect their reputation and brand from email abuse. It’s important to understand the benefits of DMARC to help you decide if it’s right for your company.

DMARC is a standard that businesses can use to protect their domain from phishing attacks. It also helps to prevent unauthorized emails from being delivered to their inboxes.

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Why is DMARC an email security essential?

Before we get to counting down the DMARC benefits, let’s discuss why you should care about your email’s security. DMARC, or Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance, is an email authentication protocol that allows companies to protect their domains from spoofing and phishing attacks.

What does this mean for you? Well, first of all: better security for your email system. DMARC helps you keep your domain safe from malicious senders by verifying the authenticity of incoming emails before they reach your inboxes.

Top 5 DMARC Benefits that will help change your perspective on email authentication

  1. One of the primary DMARC benefits is that it reduces the risk of phishing attacks, which can be devastating for their brand and bottom line. In 2018 alone, phishing scams cost businesses around $6 billion. That’s a lot! DMARC helps to reduce spam by identifying phishing attacks and spam, which can cause damage to your reputation and brand. When an email is marked as spam by DMARC, it will be flagged as such by email providers and services like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, etc., which will make it harder for malicious users and spammers to get their messages through. [[View 2022 phishing stats]]
  2. Another one of the 5 DMARC benefits is that DMARC can also help prevent spoofing attacks by providing a mechanism for email receivers (the “receivers” in DMARC) to reject messages from unauthorized senders or domains with fraudulent headers (i.e., fake sender addresses). Spoofing attacks are an attempt by hackers to impersonate a trusted source in order to trick unsuspecting users into giving up sensitive information or clicking on malicious links. With DMARC, you can protect yourself against these types of attacks!
  3. DMARC helps reduce the number of spam messages that are delivered to inboxes and filters, which saves time and resources by lowering the number of messages employees need to process each day. 
  4. DMARC benefits also include a way to report on any potential email spoofing that might occur—so if you’re receiving emails from a company that isn’t authorized to do business with you, DMARC gives you a way to report it and take action against them. 
  5. If you do have your DMARC at p=reject, however, then any messages that aren’t correctly signed will automatically be blocked by Gmail (and other providers) before they even reach the inboxes of consumers. This means less time spent dealing with complaints about fake emails and more time focusing on growing your business!

Reputational and Deliverability Benefits

DMARC is a great tool for both your brand reputation and email deliverability.

It’s no secret that people are more likely to trust your email if it looks like it came from a legitimate source. DMARC helps you ensure that your emails are being sent from the right domain, and more importantly, that they don’t look like spam.

If you’re using an email marketing solution in conjunction with your website, it’s important that your emails be delivered to the inbox so that you can continue reaching out to potential customers. DMARC helps prevent spoofing of your domain, which means fewer emails going into junk folders or getting filtered out as spam. 

Since you’re already aware of the 5 primary DMARC benefits, the question still lingers…why should you care about this at all?

Why should you care about DMARC at all? 

The DMARC benefits not only your brand but your business as well! Let’s say you send an email from your brand and it gets flagged as spam by a recipient’s email provider because the message wasn’t properly authenticated. That could result in your company being blacklisted by that service provider—and if enough people report the same issue, it could even affect your deliverability rates across the board.

DMARC helps you prevent those situations from happening by making sure everyone knows which emails are yours and which ones aren’t. It also provides helpful reports that show you exactly where your emails are getting lost along the way (so you can fix them!).

When people receive legitimate messages from your domain, they’re more likely to trust those messages and continue engaging with them in the future. This means more sales, repeat customers, and referrals!

PowerDMARC makes DMARC implementation and enforcement so much easier for end-users and MSSPs. It’s a great way to start off your email authentication without the need for any technical knowledge. Create your free account now to start a 15-day DMARC trial with us and test the DMARC benefits yourself!

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