Are Your Emails Safe?

In the digital age, email is the most potent medium used by cybercriminals to conduct brand abuse. With more than 70% of SMEs and MNCs from around the world claiming to have fallen prey to impersonation attacks and direct-domain spoofing, if you still think your business domain is safe from the malicious intentions of threat actors, think again!

It is time for you to stay one step ahead of your attackers by mitigating email fraud with the best DMARC software solution.

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As an industry standard for email authentication, Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) has been protecting businesses from BEC, CEO Fraud, email spoofing and phishing attacks effectively. Making use of email authentication protocols like SPF and DKIM, it specifies to sending servers how to respond to fraudulent emails that fail authentication checks.

But, simply publishing a DMARC record in your DNS is not enough as 70-80% domains with a published DMARC record often don’t get DMARC enforcement.  

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Introducing PowerDMARC 

As DMARC specialists, PowerDMARC helps you achieve DMARC enforcement from monitoring mode, to protect your brand from impersonation attacks. We tailor solutions to your domain and what’s even better is that we handle everything for you in the background!

With PowerDMARC’s DMARC Analyzer Tool we help you:

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Configure your domain with DMARC

Visibility icon

Set up your dashboard for enhanced visibility

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Shift from monitoring to enforcement in no time 

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Enable advanced monitoring of your entire email ecosystem

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Detailed DMARC Reporting

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Gain 100% DMARC compliance 

3 Step Implementation

sign up dmarc
Sign up with PowerDMARC and add your domains
update dns
Update your DNS
24 hour reports
View your first DMARC reports within 24 hours

Did you know that over 30,000 spoofing attacks take place per day?

Your brand can be next!

Why Choose PowerDMARC?

  • Simplified Aggregate Reports

    provide you with DMARC aggregate reports (per results and per sending source) in the form of simple readable charts and tables that you can understand at a glance, without you having to decipher complex XML files! 

  • Forensic Reports with Encryption

    You can view full Forensic/Failure Reports, as well as encrypt the reports with your own keys to ensure absolute privacy.

  • Scheduled PDF Reports

    We convert your DMARC reports into convenient PDF documents that can be shared with your whole team, scheduled to be sent to your email regularly or simply generated on demand.

  • PowerSPF

    Stay under the 10 DNS lookup limit and instantly optimize your SPF records with a single click to mitigate SPF permerror with PowerSPF. It makes sure your SPF is auto and dynamic along with eliminating SPF flattening risks.

  • Visibility Powered by Threat Intelligence

    Blacklist abusive IPs of your domain from all around the world with the help of our AI-driven Threat Intelligent (TI) engine. 

  • Hosted BIMI

    Enable visual identification of your brand in your customer’s inboxes with PowerBIMI. 

  • Hosted MTA-STS

    Send your emails over a mandatory TLS encrypted connection with PowerMTA-STS to keep pervasive monitoring attacks at bay.


    Detect and respond to failures in TLS connectivity and email delivery issues with PowerTLS-RPT. 

  • 100% DMARC Compliance

    Align your emails with both SPF and DKIM to achieve 100% DMARC compliance and increase your email deliverability rate by more than 10%.

Why Implement DMARC?

why implement dmarc

DMARC can help you: 

  • Mitigate impersonation attacks and spoofing
  • Boost your brand’s reputation
  • Improve your email deliverability rate
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