In partnership with Cipher, PowerDMARC extends its full-stack email authentication suite in Saudi Arabia, and beyond!

PowerDMARC, a global leader in email authentication and DMARC services, is announcing its latest partnership with Cipher, a Digital Security service provider operating in Saudi Arabia. As a significant player in digital security in Saudi Arabia, Cipher is looking to expand into the spheres of email security and authentication seeking out the best DMARC services from their partnership with PowerDMARC.  

“This opportunity really excites us since Cipher is a leading Digital Security firm harboring over 20 years of experience in this sphere,” said Faisal Al Farsi, Co-Founder, and CEO of PowerDMARC. “With support from Cipher as our DMARC MSSP partner, we are looking forward to expanding operations and increasing the DMARC adoption rate in Saudi Arabia.”

“We mutually agree that there are a lot of grounds to be covered. Email authentication has always taken a back seat in the information security space for enterprises and small businesses alike, in Saudi Arabia. This is a factor that needs to be changed with immediate effect, and we aim to achieve that with the help of this valued partnership with PowerDMARC”, said Thamer Aldhafiri, CEO of Cipher. 

DMARC can help organizations achieve compliance on their emails and prevent leakage of sensitive data.

About Cipher

Cipher simplifies the perception of complex problems surrounding cybersecurity products, services, and their implementation. Cipher’s team comprises 20+ years of cybersecurity experience, taking a holistic, dynamic approach to digital security that enables organizations to transform their cyber risk posture.

Operating in Saudi Arabia, Cipher is trusted by several leading global brands. 

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About PowerDMARC

PowerDMARC is a one-stop email authentication SaaS platform that brings together all needed protocols in a single suite such as DMARC, SPF, DKIM, BIMI, MTA-STS, and TLS-RPT. PowerDMARC helps organizations combat phishing attacks, fraud, email spoofing, BEC, domain abuse, and ransomware. 

With headquarters in Delaware, US, PowerDMARC has more than 200 partners worldwide and customers from more than 130 countries including fortune 100 companies.

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