MTA-STS & TLS-RPT Record Generator and Lookup API

MTA-STS & TLS-RPT Record Generator and Lookup API

Are you on the lookout for a swift solution to swiftly integrate and oversee email authentication protocols? Look no further – embrace the potential of our MTA-STS API and TLS-RPT API today!

Here at PowerDMARC, we understand the significance of providing you with a dependable avenue to guarantee the delivery, legibility, and credibility of your emails. Our  MTA-STS API for policy enforcement and API for TLS-RPT record generation is meticulously crafted to equip you with unparalleled authority over your email authentication approach.

Benefits of MTA-STS API Integration

  • Enhanced Security: MTA-STS API integration bolsters email security by enforcing strict encryption standards, reducing the risk of man-in-the-middle attacks.
  • Improved Deliverability: By ensuring secure communication between sending and receiving servers, MTA-STS enhances the chances of emails reaching the recipient’s inbox instead of being flagged as spam.
  • Transparent Configuration: MTA-STS API simplifies the implementation process, offering a standardized method to set up and manage secure email connections, enhancing overall email system reliability.
How Does DMARC Boost Your Brand?
How Does DMARC Boost Your Brand?

Benefits of TLS-RPT API Integration

  • Actionable Insights: TLS-RPT API integration provides valuable feedback on email delivery issues, aiding in identifying and addressing potential security vulnerabilities in the email delivery process.
  • Proactive Monitoring: Integration allows real-time tracking of TLS encryption failures, enabling prompt resolution of any configuration or security issues that might arise.
  • Enhanced Compliance: TLS-RPT API helps organizations meet data protection and encryption standards by providing visibility into TLS-related problems, ensuring a secure email communication environment.

Boosting Your Email Security Posture with PowerDMARC’s MTA-STS & TLS-RPT API 

Robust Defense

PowerDMARC’s MTA-STS & TLS-RPT API integration fortifies your email security, safeguarding against potential threats and vulnerabilities, and ensuring secure communication channels.

Get in touch with a dedicated sales representative to request a quote for our DKIM API pricing. We offer custom, reasonable rates for API integrations that suit your needs! 

MTA-STS API Features