Why Does China Need DMARC Protection? 

Email phishing is responsible for more than 9 out of every 10 data loss incidents in the world. That’s more than any other single factor making organizations like yours lose sensitive data. Worse yet, they could be using your brand name to target the general public—your customers—and causing them to lose trust in your brand.

Email Spoofing in New Zealand is a Major Threat

Email Spoofing in China is Major Threat

As of May 2020, China has just over 5300 domains implementing DMARC, placing it 32nd on the list of countries with DMARC-protected domains. This leaves the vast majority of China’s registered domains unprotected against cyberattacks. What’s more, not all DMARC users will have it enforced — you’re only DMARC-enforced when you set your policy to quarantine or reject.

DMARC Compliance in China

DMARC Compliance in New Zealand
  • Despite China’s massive population and large internet user base—the world’s biggest, in fact—Chinese companies have been slow to adopt DMARC. As of 2020, only 5300 Chinese domains have adopted DMARC. Moreover, 93.5% of these domains have no policy in place, making their implementations totally ineffective. China ranks second in the world for spreading malicious email, and has a long way to go with DMARC compliance.

Why is DMARC Important?

Most domains use protocols like SPF or DKIM to stop email spoofing. While these are useful, they have flaws an attacker can exploit. DMARC, on the other hand, does something different:


PowerDMARC MSSP is Different
  • Stop Hackers from sending emails from your domain

  • Stop Cybercriminals from sending fraudulent emails to your partners, employees and customers.

  • Mitigate CEO Fraud, Fake Emails, Business Email Compromise and protect your brand.

  • DMARC combines the power of SPF & DKIM to authenticate email.

  • Get constant feedback about emails that pass or fail the DMARC check.

  • Decide what happens when your email fails DMARC; set your policy to quarantine or reject.

  • Get total protection for your brand by preventing domain spoofing.

Why do you need PowerDMARC?

It’s possible to set up DMARC on your own, but then you’d be missing out on all the things PowerDMARC can do to make your life easier:

A fast, lightweight platform that’s easy to use

The PowerDMARC app gives you total configurability over your domain, but almost everything is just one or two clicks away. You get specific, actionable data at your fingertips, letting you quickly fix, change and update your domain. It’s the power of an enterprise platform with the simplicity of a mobile app. 

A fast, lightweight platform that’s easy to use


PowerDMARC gives you your money’s worth, and then keeps on giving with hosted BIMI, MTA-STS, and fully-featured TLS Reporting. Our complete suite of email security protocols leaves nothing to chance, and ensures you always have up-to-date information about everything in your domain.

Accessible PDF Reports

Not only does our app feature richly detailed DMARC reports, you can even choose to export them into a PDF file format. View your reports offline, on any device, and send them to your internal team for review. We want you to have control over your data, not the other way around.  

Accessible PDF Reports
24/7 Security Operations Center

24/7 Security Operations Center

Our team of cybersecurity experts work around the clock, monitoring your domain and logging incidents of domain abuse. You even get total visibility of the attacker and their past record of spoofing activity. They can then go about eliminating malicious sources by specifically targeting abusive IP addresses. 

Quality of life features

PowerDMARC doesn’t just focus on the big picture. We have more than a dozen different micro-apps and services, from tools to generate and check records for DMARC, SPF and DKIM, to one-click SPF record optimization, one-click IP Abuse Report, encrypted DMARC failure reports, and more.

Quality of life features

PowerDMARC Services in China

PowerDMARC has customers using our services all over the world, monitoring IP addresses in nearly every country. As one of the biggest internet consumers in the world, China represents a massive opportunity to secure millions more business domains. And we’re looking to be the ones to do it.

As innovators in the space of DMARC compliance and anti-spoofing measures, we want to be the ones to show China (and the rest of the world) that securing your brand is no farther away than the click of a button.

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Take the first step towards protecting your brand and stopping domain abuse.