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Email Spoofing Is the Biggest Threat to Your Organization.

stop email spoofingIn the world of business, nothing is more important than communicating with your customers. The best way you can do that is through email. But without the right protection, email can put your organization at a very real risk of losing customer trust. If your organization relies on email for communication, you need to make it secure.

What Happens if your Domain Gets Spoofed?

If there’s one thing common to nearly all major data breaches and internet scams you’ve read about in the news, it’s that they start with one email. Customers don’t know the difference between real and fake email, so attackers take advantage of that. Here’s what happens when your domain gets spoofed:

  • They send emails to thousands of people around the world—including your customers—asking for login credentials, credit card details, or fake offers.
  • The resulting loss of data and money not only breaks your customers’ trust in you, but also lowers your reputation with email servers.
  • A loss in reputation means receiving email servers are less likely to send your legitimate emails to people’s inboxes, impacting your deliverability.

It’s not always clear how serious such an attack is until you realize that someone might be trying to spoof your domain right now. Or worse, they’ve already done it and you had no idea. If that’s the case, the emails you’re sending might not even be arriving in inboxes.

Why is DMARC So Important?

An unprotected domain is a sitting duck for potential phishing scams. But DMARC changes everything.

stop email spoofingBlock Unauthorized Email

DMARC harnesses the combined power of SPF and DKIM to bring you unparalleled email protection. Get feedback on emails that failed authentication so you have full control.

stop email spoofingMonitor Threats in Real Time

Using our AI-based Threat Intelligence engine, you can keep track of malicious sources spoofing your domain, wherever they are in the world.

stop email spoofingBoost Your Brand Image

When you implement DMARC, not only do you eliminate email spoofing, but you can use the detailed reports to change your content strategy on the fly. Leave nothing to chance.

stop email spoofingImprove Your Deliverability

Implementing DMARC shows receiving servers that you’re committed to improving your email security, making it much more likely that your email reaches people’s inboxes.

It’s more important than ever to secure your domain, but with PowerDMARC, it’s also the easiest it’s ever been. Get PowerDMARC-protected today!

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